Background and Setting

The first series happened as written, ending with the War Between the Powers, the death of King Oberon, and the accession of King Random. In the years that immediately followed, Amber occupied the Courts until a peace could be brokered between them. This was achieved about three years later, and was made possible because, much to everyone’s surprise, King Swayvill and King Random get along very well. This détente means that links between Thelbane and Amber are now at the closest they’ve ever been since Dworkin Barimen drew the Pattern.

Caine is alive and working as Head of Amber Intelligence, although he and his brother Julian are not been as comfortable with the links that have been revealed with Chaos as many of their siblings. Moreover, a recent incident in House Helgram, after which Random forced Caine to apologise, has led to tensions between Monarch and Spymaster.

As far as anyone knows, Brand and Deirdre are dead, having fallen into the Abyss at the end of the War.

All characters within the Helgram Game are either Members of Good Standing of House Helgram, or senior students of the Helgram Academy, and have been born since the end of the War Between the Powers and the signing of the Patternfall Treaty. The PC gallery can be found here.

The Courts of Chaos

House Helgram

Details of the House itself, plus Helgramways, key Helgram institutions (who may employ you once you graduate!), and the important members of the House.

The Kingdom of Amber

Situated at the other end of the multiverse from the Courts of Chaos, the Order of Amber and its Pattern is the antithesis of the Chaos of Thelbane and the Logrus. Despite this, it often seems that the Amber Royal Family is, at its heart, more chaotic than Chaos, while the rigid structures and ancient traditions of the Courts are far more orderly.

Random was appointed King of Amber by the Unicorn in 14,982 ALC/4,471 AP, when she gave him the Eye of the Serpent. Due to the instability of relative time between Amber and Chaos immediately after the war, however, he was not formally Crowned until 14,985 ALC/4,495 AP, i.e. around forty-five years ago Chaos time, and fifteen years ago Amber time.

The new status quo is taking some getting used to by all parties, but the signs are good. Thus far, the peace has held, helped by the now-revealed Blood links between the Royal House of Thelbane, and the House of Amber, which were suppressed in the days of King Oberon. This includes the knowledge that many of Oberons wives actually came from the Courts.

Further details on the House of Amber can be found here.

Character Creation

The characters recent graduates of the Helgram Academy (within the last five years), and will be no older than 40. They will all have finished their normal schooling, and gone on to expore their particular talents: magic, conjuration, shapeshifting, other academic pursuits, military prowess or perhaps something more unusual, such as an innate skill or ability. Since graduation, they have been accredited as full members of the House, travelling on House Business with older members, and beginning to be aware of the inner House politics.

While this isn’t connected to my Sable Game, I’m using the same character generation and the class-based magic system. The starting points are 65pt including with limited shapeshift (inherent crisis management plus the basic four forms), or 75pt without (lack of shifting effectively gives a 10pt rebate):


The Helgram Academy game was first run at ACNW with Craig Johnson, GM of the Solstice PBEM game, and had connections to that game. Some of the names and details remain the same as that original running, while others have changed with this independent version of the game.