A Chaos Education

Merlin to Corwin: “I was taught the usual things a gentleman should know – magic, weapons, poisons, riding, dancing.”

Character Creation

The characters are the older students, who have finished their basic studies, and moved on to explore their particular talents: magic, conjuration, shapeshifting, other academic pursuits, or perhaps something more unusual: an innate skill or ability that they’ve developed all their own. They are also learning about the House as a whole, occasionally travelling with the older members, and beginning to be aware of the inner House politics.

While this isn’t connected to my Sable Game, I’m using the same character generation and the class-based magic system. I’m also tweaking the startup points from the original game description to 65pt with limited shapeshift (inherent crisis management plus the basic four forms), and 75pt without:

The Character Gallery

As I receive descriptions (and hopefully pictures) of the PCs, the details will be put up on this page. After all, you’re at the same school, there aren’t THAT many pupils, especially in the advanced class, and so you’d at least be aware of each other. And if, before the game, you want to work out any mutual backgrounds or friendships, then feel free. The gallery can be found here.

Background and Setting

The first series happened as written, ending with the War Between the Powers, the death of King Oberon, and the accession of King Random. In game terms, Random was crowned forty-five years ago Chaos time, and fifteen years ago Amber time, so the new status quo is taking some getting used to by all parties. Thus far, the peace has held, helped by the now-revealed links between the Royal House of Thelbane, and the House of Amber, which were suppressed in the days of King Oberon, following his divorce from Cymnea. This includes the knowledge that many of Oberons wives actually came from the Courts. In addition, much to everyone’s surprise, King Swayville and King Random get along reasonably decently.

As far as anyone knows, Brand and Deirdre are dead, having fallen into the Abyss at the end of the War.

The Courts of Chaos

House Helgram

Details of the House itself, plus Helgramways, key Helgram institutions (who may employ you once you graduate!), and the important members of the House.

The Academy

Further details about the Academy itself, and the main teaching staff


The Helgram Academy game was first run at ACNW with Craig Johnson, GM of the Solstice PBEM game, and had connections to that game. Some of the names and details remain the same as that original running, while others have changed with this independent version of the game.