Members of the Senior Common Room

SCR Students

As well as the PCs, the other SCR students are detailed below. You would know all of them, as you’ve been studying together for a long time. Some may be friends, some may be rivals, but you’d have an idea of their strengths and weaknesses.


Aidan (age 30) is one of the oldest students in the SCR. When he was younger, he always showed a good eye for light and colour, giving him an artistic ability beyond his years, and it was expected that he would become a Trump Artist. However, as he got older it became apparent that his real talent was for divination and far-seeing, and he has taken his magical specialities in those areas furthest. He is one of the more sociable members of the SCR, still living in the dorms, albeit with his own room.


Joanna (27) is a warding and defensive specialist, with a good knowledge of both sorcerous and ritual methods of protection. Her affinity in that area was discovered young, when she managed to defend herself when she was being bullied by a bunch of her fellow pupils for having jet-black hair, a legacy from her Karm-blooded father, who were throwing things at her and calling her a Karm loser. She managed to get even with them by trapping them within wards of her own making, and then leaving them until they were rescued. She still loathes those particular younger Helgrams, and takes pleasure in the fact that she was invited to join the SCR, and they weren’t.


Michael (28) is a transport specialist, and as well as being a very accurate long-distance teleporter, he can build longer-lasting and more permanent gates than a lot of older mages. When he was young, he was something of a terror to his parents, because he could change Ways gates – not something that should be possible for a non-Logrus user – and kept getting lost. When he started learning magic, it became obvious that his affinity for such things also extended to transportation magics as well. His odd ability means that he works closely with Wayskeeper Uilliam.


Katelyn (26) is a conjurer, and like her best friend Dawn, who recently graduated from the Academy, she enjoys making things both physically, and through arcane means. She is also a skilled artist and designer, and has exhibited in galleries within Helgramways. Her works are some of the most sought after for a young artist in the House, although she knows she still has a lot to learn. She can come across as a bit vague and stand-offish, but this is more because her mind is always racing with ideas, than any conscious intention to offend.


Ewan (25) is the best all-round mage in the SCR. He had only been in the JCR for three years before he qualified as a fully-fledged sorcerer, and was invited to join the SCR two years earlier than normal. Since then, his abilities have gone from strength to strength, especially in combat, defensive and transport magic. Along with his elder brother Storm, he is a member of the Academy Sparks, which is probably the only reason why he hasn’t already left the Academy: the phys ed staff don’t want to lose his abilities as a goal scorer just yet. The brothers share a house in one of the Pocket Shadows off the Academy Ways.


Owen (27) has one of the strongest minds among the current SCR students and, on the basis of this, was asked to stay on to develop his abilities as a mind mage, in tandem with the study of psychology. When he was younger, he took advantage of this, but was taught the error of his ways in no uncertain terms by Duke Daveth. Since then, he has used his gifts responsibly, tending more towards healing than domination. However, if circumstances require it, he can use both with equal facility. This talent means that he is one of the more solitary members of the SCR, with many students being somewhat wary of him.


Gethin (27) is the strongest ritual mage of the current SCR, with abilities in that area higher than the majority of Helgrams who have studied the subject. So much so, that he is taught directly by Duchess Marguerita and, when he’s around, Archduke Ian, who are two of the best ritualists in Helgram. Given his distinctive blue eyes, it is likely that Gethin is a scion of the Grand Ducal Line; however, his mother, Marquesa Sinaed, did not name his father in the House records. In addition to his ritual abilities, Gethin also a competent sorcerer, although he hasn’t taken a speciality.


Bran (26) is a shape shift healer of considerable skill. The son of Callum Richardson-Hendrake, his healing talent manifested early, when his elder brother Munroe was injured in a Ways accident. In his attempts to save his brother’s life, Bran managed to both seal his wounds, and start them on the road to recovery. He is one of the quieter members of the SCR, and is often found studying. However, he never misses and Academy Sparks CRF match, and can quote pretty much any stats for the game you can think of. He works with both Susan, the Academy medical officer; and Sheila, who teaches healing in all its forms.


Ruth (27), like her grandfather Duke John (senior) is a projecting telepath. She can speak mind to mind with anyone within a 250yd radius – and get an answer if needed – without the need for any form of magic. However, tying in with this ability, she has also studied Sorcery, with a Communications speciality. When she was a child, she didn’t understand the voices in her head, and her parents didn’t know what to do with her. In the end they put her under the tutelage of her grandfather, who helped her get her abilities under control. She vies for having the strongest mind of the SCR students.


Tamsin (24) is the youngest SCR student, having been invited to join a year earlier than most. She is a competent shape shifter, but the main talent that her teachers wanted to develop, is her abilities with people. She has an empathic sense for both emotions and knowing what people want, coupled with a knack for reading body language, and has often played the peacemaker in disputes around the Academy. It’s expect she will ultimately join either the Helgram Diplomatic Corps, or join one of the Trade missions.


Logan (25) is both a qualified sorcerer and a competent shape shifter. However, his main claim to fame is as a mathematician and businessman. He has an uncanny knack for making a good deal, or a fair negotiation, and shows a rather un-Helgram like love of economics and finance. It is expected that after graduation he will go straight into the Helgram trading operations.


Corin (29) is one of only two Trump Artists studying in the SCR, and rumour has it that his abilities are already beyond basic. He seems to be surprisingly well informed about goings on in the Academy – probably even more so than his cousin Iolo, a recent Alumnus – and the combination of the pair of them worries a lot of the other students. Corin tries to soften this view, by being helpful to the Lower House and JCR, and encouraging the artists among them to consider the Trump path as they get older. He is rarely seen without a sketchbook, and is equally adept at high art, and cartoon charicatures.


Nessa (29) is a natural healer, with an exceptional bedside manner, and a knack for knowing the right things to say or do. Her healing ability is akin to healing using shape shifting, and yet she herself has never studied shifting beyond the basic four forms, so whatever the mechanism she uses, it certain isn’t the same as her cousin Bran. Moreover, her healing ability only works on others, rather than herself. She works closely with both Susan, the Academy medical officer; and Sheila, who teaches healing in all its forms.


Finlay (27) is the strongest shape shifter in the SCR. It is generally assumed that he was born with the ability already active, rather than coming along at a later date. He was certainly able to shape shift before his second birthday, and could control what he was doing by the time he was five, which caused problems for his parents. The only saving grace, was that he didn’t have the stamina to do it much. He came under the tutelage of Jennifer Harrison-Helgram, head of the Academy’s Department of Shape Shifting, as soon as he went to the Academy, and she has been working with him ever since. He is a member of the Academy Sparks CRF team, although he is being scouted as a potential member of the Helgram Flames.


Phelan (26) is the third conjuration student in the SCR, but in his case, this is combined with a strong mind, and the ability to make people do as he wishes. He doesn’t share Dawn’s and Katelyn’s love of creating mundane items, as well as conjured ones. Instead, his areas of speciality are to do with imbuing living creatures with additional abilities; and also working for cross-Shadow solidity of imbued abilities or, in the case of mundane conjured items, qualities.

Recent Graduates

Jenna Alyria Mairi Delacroix Helgram

Jenna (33) is the younger sister of Uilliam, the Academy Wayskeeper and has been doing classes in the Conjuration, command, music, science, anatomy & physiology, technology and mental disciplines tracks at the Academy. She is known for being the quietest and shyest student in Edward’s classes in Command, rarely venturing a word or opinion, despite never missing a class; but is one of the most curious and demanding students in technology classes, especially in acoustics.

Jenna had a somewhat notorious reputation as a child for appearing in places that she was never intended to be or for going missing requiring an exhaustive search by her father and brother. It seems she has a knack for finding weak spots in Ways that was originally evidenced as she fell through them without warning. She has been taking private instruction from her brother on Ways topics for this reason and sometimes acts as an unofficial helper in charting problem areas intentionally these days. It has been quite a few years since she has showed up anywhere unexpectedly or embarrassed other ouses with her intrusions.

It has recently come to light that Jenna has completed a new sort of musical/sensory experience instrument and is beginning to compose music and sensations for it. She also is known for her love of animals and a tendency to keep birds as pets, more than once coming to classes with a tiny grey pygmy owl nested against her neck asleep. She is also an avid rider, and is seen out and about on an especially fine red and zebra striped mount called Ronin.

Alditha Hendrake

One of the few non-Helgram students in the SCR, Alditha is notable by her complete lack of martial ability. When she was younger, she was somewhat infamous for her ability to get almost anywhere within the Academy, generally without getting caught. Ever since joining first the Junior, and then the Senior Common Room, she’s calmed down a lot, spending much of her time alternating between working on theoretical spell design, and holding classes for anyone who wants to improve their sorcery, from basic to advanced.

If she does still manage to find her way into places she shouldn’t, she’s got a lot better about not being caught.

Maximilan Stephenson-Helgram

Max (31) is the son of Llewellyn Stephenson-Helgram, and is something of a combat specialist. He also has a flair for security and security matters, and it is expected that on graduation, he may join the House’s elite special forces unit. He works closely with Kalle Hendrake in and among his studies.

It is known that Max was almost expelled from the academy a number of years ago for some prank that went wrong but the details have never come to light but since that time Max has been a model student. It is suspected that Kalle had a major role in keeping Max at the academy.

Max is known to be a reasonable shapeshifter. He is often seen training or helping more junior members of the academy with their melee techniques should they want help. His weapon of choice is the scimitar, both singly and as used as a pair.

He is not known to be magically talented. He certainly has artistic leanings, often helping in the theatrical productions at the academy and can produce reasonable portraits of fellow students and mentors, although he has no expertise in Trump.

One passion is that he known to have is that he is an avid follower of the TCFL and is of course a fan of the Flames.

Freyja Helgram

Freyja is one of the stars of the Academy Sparks Chaos Rules Football team. Her presence in the SCR is largely related to this, although she is also something of an unarmed combat specialist and has been working to improve her shapeshifting abilities. She can often be found running in the grounds either on her own or with another person and hates to be cooped up indoors.

Academically, she has no feel for magic – which makes her somewhat unusual for a Helgram – but she is very interested in genealogy, perhaps because of her father, Dhugal.

She has a pet cat, around the size of a leopard.

Morwenna Daveth-Helgram

Morwenna (31) is a talented shapeshifter and has a keen interest in pharmacology, as might be expected from the daughter of Elowen, Helgram’s House Poisons Expert. As well as the expected slant towards the biological and medical sciences, her curriculum at the Academy also includes subjects related to inter-Shadow travel and trade. She’s extremely dedicated to her studies and the pursuit of knowledge, but she’s not averse to letting her hair down at the Academy parties. It turns out that someone with her particular combination of ability and expertise can manufacture some truly mindblowing party drugs, but she doesn’t really tend to do that anymore.

When she’s not studying, conducting experiments, or socialising, Morwenna engages in hobbies such as sculpture (mostly using natural or even living materials) and acapella singing. She is a member of the Academy all-shapeshifters acapella group, The Living Harmonies, who continue to push the envelope of unaccompanied musical stylings. She also enjoys activities that involve climbing and jumping off things, such as parkour, rock-climbing, abseiling and base-jumping.

Kalistan Johnson-Helgram

Kalistan (34), son of Duke John (the elder) is an illusion specialist, and has most recently been studying with Marquis Artur, son of Archduke Ian. He is one of the oldest students in the SCR, due to the fact that his birthday falls on the first day of the academic year.

Initially, Kalistan came to the Academy as a young loner who sat at the back of his classes and scribbled away in his notebook.

However in his 2nd year at the Academy, Fidelma Johns-Helgram convinced him to put on a show of one of his Ghost Stories at Samhain made animate by illusions of shadows playing out on the terrace of the Gardens. It was a success, and since then he has annually put on a show at Samhain. The lower house tends not to sleep well for a few days afterwards but keep coming back each year.

These days he still stands in the background most of the time, but he is much more approachable than he used to be and more open to exchange of ideas in classes. Kalistan is known to have grown into an Illusionist of significant skill within his time in the SRC.

Finally, every now and then, other students’ pens or keys stand up and walk away on their own to the consternation of their owners, only to reappear back where they were sitting minutes later. Of course, Kalistan is nowhere to be seen when these small incidents occur.

Preston Stephenson-Helgram

Preston (33), son of Llewellyn’s younger brother Jerome, is a gifted swordsman and marksman.

He is somewhat irreverent and tries to avoid being too serious, which does cause some friction with those who would rather keep everything professional. He is also known to impersonate others in the Academy, assuming their looks and exaggerating features for comic effect.

He is known to be a competent cook and he has played with his band ‘Strangeways’ at the Academy a few times.

Connaught Helgram

Connaught (30) is a bright & cheery young man with an amiable disposition and an insatiable curiosity for the “Why” of things. Always in search of Order in the midst of Chaos, a trait inherited from his Mother, the Rosemary, as a child he would debate Theology with Duke Edward, Bishop of Helgramways. Inspired by his faith, he has always been inclined to resolve any conflict as peacefully as possible, preferring restraint over violence wherever possible.

His Mother nurtured his artistic talents from an early age, hoping he would develop into a Trump Artist, as indeed he has, alongside a burgeoning talent at investigative sorcery and Chaos law.

Always generous with his time, he delights in helping those individuals who seek his aid. For example, he is happy to draw Trumps for those JCR and SCR members with a valid need for them.

His stint as ‘Head Boy’, seen by some as a breath of fresh air following Iolo’s reign, did much to toughen his disposition, though he always sought to take a leaf out of the Headmistress’s book , seeking to ‘strengthen’ and ‘educate’, rather than outright punish.

The proudest moment of his time in the Lower House came when he won the ‘All-Chaos (Junior) Theological Debate’, albeit with a topic that was sourly received by many outside ‘The Church’.

He is one of the referees in Academy CRF matches.

Cadan Daveth-Helgram

Son of Jowan Daveth-Helgram, Cadan (31) he has a focus on sorcery, especially combat magic. He also has an appreciation of animals large and small, respecting their instincts and natures. Cadan hasn’t gone as far as to smuggle in animals into the dorm, but one of his extracurricular activities has been helping out Alexandra Helgram in animal care. Currently, he’s been rather interested in the care of an abandoned barghest pup.

Lucretia Daveth-Helgram

Caden’s twin sister, Lucretia (31) is one of the best students with a blade that the Academy has seen in a long time. Sufficiently so, that Dowager Duchess Joan agreed to Mentor her.

Lorcan Harrison-Helgram

Lorcan (32) Something of an expert in command, as well as sorcery with farseeing and communications specialities

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