Thumbnail sketches of the PCs in the game

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Alpin Sawall-Helgram

Alpin (28) is one of the older members of the SCR. He is tall and slim, pale-skinned and dark eyed. He usually wears white clothes and a white wig. He usually looks quite stylish. HIs mother is Ophelia Matilda Helgram, and his father is Mandor Sawall. He has a twin brother, Lon, who stayed in House Sawall, when Alpin was brought to House Helgram. Unfortunately, both Ophelia and Lon have since died.

He holds a full doctorate in Investigative Magic, with a speciality in Forensics, and he has partials in Communication and Battle Magic. He is engaged in research to combine these disciplines with his Empathic ability.

Alpin is often found reading, and he seems to be interested in several artforms. If he’s not at the Academy or in his Pocket Ways, he’s likely to be either in a library, or at the Zócalo.

Played by: Marieke K

Hester Stephenson-Helgram

Hester (29) is the daughter of Llewellyn Stephenson-Helgram, the House Master at Arms.

Hester’s strengths reveal her heritage, namely as her father’s daughter. Rather than in the arcane, her skills lie in combat, in particular with the bow. The reason she favours this weapon is her enjoyment of the hunt out in shadow, a place she has been exploring since a child. It was out in shadow where, much to her surprise, she discovered her shapeshifting prowess. She has used her time in the Academy to develop this latter ability and she still resides there as a senior

On a normal day Hester stands around 5’10” with a slim build and a sinuous grace. Her skin is fair and her red hair invariably braided. Hester’s clothing tends to be practical leathers designed for the outdoors. And she’s usually not that far from her bow and her two short swords. All of this doesn’t make Hester your usual Helgram as she leans more towards the physical activities rather than magic or such pursuits as diplomacy.

Played by: Alastair J

Michael Stephenson-Helgram

Michael (27) is Hester’s younger sibling, by a couple of years, and also shows the martial prowess in both weapons and leadership that would be expected from a child of Llewellyn, as well as an ability to get around the Ways more easily than many students. Dowager Duchess Joan has agreed to act as Michael’s mentor in matters military.

Michael is very into Science!, and has a collection of weapons.

Played by: Tim H

Belun Fand Helgram

Belun (29), grandson of Duchess Rosemary, is a member of the Academy wrestling team. While he’s not the most intellectual member of the SRC, he’s big, strong, and really good at shapeshifting. So good, in fact, that he is receiving personal tuition from Jennifer Harrison-Helgram. What he isn’t, is particularly subtle or stealthy, and he’s definitely not the kind of person who gets overlooked when he enters a room.

He is very good with the younger students, and is well-known to them: he helps with their training in hand-to-hand combat, and is also involved in teaching them the basics of shapeshifting.

He is very close to his big sister, Morgana Helgram and her children.

Played by: Ben McC

Grrlson Helgram

Grrlson (29) is the son of Bernardo Helgram (son of Duchess Marguerita) and his wife Elowen Daveth-Helgram. He is a shapeshifter, who also has a flair for healing others. He also shows an interest in chemistry and biology, and has sometimes interned with his mother at the Helgram Institute for Magic and Science.

Played by: Andy R

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