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Chaos is defined as the lands and shadows that compose the area linked to the Thelbane directly, the Royal Ways, without the intercession of sorcery or Logrus. This extends around the central world, Thelbane for roughly twenty-five Shadow veils. Swayville is the second King of Chaos, having succeeded his father, Cornelius, who founded what would become the Courts of Chaos by building the Logrus with the help of both Swayville and Suhuy.

The Logrus

The Logrus is the constraining of the Chaos of the universe, and is what give the Nobles of the Courts of Chaos the ability to travel in Shadow – and bring Shadow to them. Logrus initiation is a pre-requisite for any form of Ways building.

The experience of initiating to the Logrus is unique to each candidate. It is common for the act of initiating to it to drive the candidate mad for some time afterwards. Recovery rates afterwards vary from person to person, and the madness can take different forms, from gibbering in a corner, to deeply paranoid, to a kind of creative madness where the candidate gains deep insights into life, the universe and everything. Every so often, a candidate never recovers, in which case they are returned to the care of their respective House.

Lord Suhuy

Many have tried to describe the Logrus, or depicted it in art, but there just aren’t enough dimensions to do so properly.  However, a selection of attempts at representing it are hung or displayed in various galleries around the Courts.

Characters will not have been given the opportunity to walk the Logrus yet. However, if they prove themselves to the House in the future, there is a reasonable chance that they will be invited to try.

The Keeper of the Logrus is Suhuy, younger brother of King Swayville and father of Dworkin. Due to the constant influence of the Logrus, Suhuy appears younger and fitter than his brother.

The Royal Ways

The definition of Royal Ways is slightly different in Chaos, to Amber. Whereas the children of the Unicorn just think of Royal Ways as the roads between Shadows, for example in the Golden Circle, the Chaos Royal Ways is literally the creation of the first twenty-five Veils of Shadow around Thelbane, and was drawn together from fragments of other worlds and times found in the Abyss, along with large swaths of the proto-Shadow created when the Logrus was drawn.


A “Ways” is the usual term used to describe the dwellings of the Houses and important players within the Courts of Chaos, and also out in the Black Zone. A Ways is a community, colony and world within itself, and is built from different scraps of Shadow which take the Waysmaster’s fancy. All Logrus initiates are capable of weaving a Ways, although basic initiates need to work a lot harder at it within the Courts itself. The Black Zone is a bit more flexible.

Ways belonging to a specific House take the name of the House, for example Channicutways or Helgramways. Within that, House members in good standing may be awarded a Ways of their own, which will usually carry their name, for example Elizabethways in Channicut, or Ianways in Helgram. However, sometimes the owners change the name to be a little less pretentious.

Much as the Logrus is at the heart of the Courts of Chaos, at the centre of any Ways is a Keystone, which the Waysmaster uses to anchor the elements of the Ways together, and keep them in sync with eachother. Keystones are created in the heart of the Logrus, by the Keeper and the individual Waysmaster who sets up a Ways. Once it has been installed, the Waysmaster can give access to it to his assistants.

The Black Zone

The Black Zone territories surround the ‘pole’ of Chaos and the Logrus. It is defined as where the Logrus can unconditionally defeat all other Great Powers when summoned in those locations. Humans and demonkind both exist naturally in these worlds.

It is comprised of a myriad of semi-Real Shadows, strengthened by the Broken versions of the Logrus that are located out here, and which have varying degrees of allegiance or otherwise to the Courts itself, or individual Houses within the Courts. These came into existence gradually once the Royal Ways was established, although their development was accelerated by the Creation of the Pattern, about fifteen thousand years ago.

For a long time it was purely in Thelbane sphere of influence. Since the War, activity in the region has increased from those who are closer to Amber than Chaos, albeit many of them also have Chaos Blood. This has not been appreciated by the residents of the Courts, and has caused hostility towards the Amber interlopers.

The Black Zone continues to be the bread basket of Chaos. Most Chaos nobles have estates in the area.

The Helgram Zocalo is located in the Black Zone.

Chaos Shadow

Chaos Shadow is considered to comprise all other Shadows between the boarder of the Black Zone, and the wilds in the centre of creation, where the influences of the Pattern and Logrus meet and cause instability. In these areas, the Logrus has an advantage over the Pattern, but this is not always as clear cut as is the case closer to Thelbane.

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