Manira and the Brotherhood

The Shadow of Manira was the pre-cursor to the stronger and more extensive realm of New Oceania



The world of Manira has two major continents, with the Martyr’s Island in the sea between the two. This arrangement was replicated exactly when New Oceania was created, even to the extent of keeping the place names. The circular target area marked on the map represents the area of the worst devestation when the energy from Maniran Broken Pattern was uprooted to form New Oceania.

Manira, was left to its own devices, and for many years was fought over by the Reich and Sable. It is this one which most demonstrated the corrupting influence, as evidenced by the fact that successive leaders of invading forces from both sides eventually turned their loyalty away from their original masters – be they Sable or the Reich – in favour of setting up their own kingdoms on Manira. For further details, see the timeline.

Security Shadows

Almost as soon as Sable and the Reich abandoned attempts to take controld of Broken Pattern Dark 3 (as Manira was coded), the Maniran rulers set about making sure that they were secure. This included taking over the six adjacent Shadows: a model that was later replicated by the Weimar Republik. The Most Blessed Prophet realised that once they Brotherhood was mobilised, it was only a matter or time before they made an enemy who, with limited effort, could find out who and where they were.

They were careful to be inobvious about the takeover, instead preferring to replace governments and then set up a sympathetic security service. They played their cards close to their chest, so nothing seemed overly amiss in what became known as the String of Pearls, even in the face of continued interest in the region from the Reich.

The Triumvirate, Rulers of Manira

When Manira was first encounted by Sable, in April SY 152, it was run by a Triumvirate of:

  • Carlos de Real, High Priest of the Brotherhood of the Martyr and son of Most Blessed Prophet Diego Gonzalo de Real.
  • Francis Edwards, ruler of the Northern continent, where much of Manira’s agriculture is located. He was the former Sable Earl of Wickstone, who had been reported missing, presumed dead in one of the attempts by Sable to take control of what was then just Black Pattern Dark 3.
  • Gregor Konstantin, a former SS officer, ruler of the arid, largely desert Southern Continent, which contains most of the necessary raw materials for the Shadow’s industrial concerns. Konstantin had been involved in the Reich’s counter-actions on BPD3, before disappearing off the face of the metaphorical earth.

Further investigations indicated that the Triumvirate structure was set up by Edwards, Konstantin and Diego de Real, who decided to work together towards the end of SY 084, after Sable’s final attempt to take control of BPD3 failed with Edwards, formerly from Sable, going native. At that point, Sable declared the world off limits, which gave the Triumvirate the perfect opportunity to start bringing their plans to fruition. It is not clear at this point whether New Oceania was the culmination of the plans laid back then, or if that came along later..

The Reich didn’t give up as easily as Sable did. They made two more attempts to wrest control directly from the Triumvirate . The first resulted in a sound defeat for the Reich. The second was also reported as a defeat by the Commander of the Reich force: Andreas Delatz. In fact, it led Andreas to the Triumvirate’s door, and the Machine/Manira alliance was formed: the major defeat was actually engineered by Andreas himself. From that point on, he used his position in the Reich to deter any future attempts at conquering BPD3, while covertly working with Carlos de Real (but not the other Triumvirs), on the one hand, and the Weimar Republik (which he began to work on shortly after coming to terms with Manira) on the other.


The Brotherhood of the Martyr

The Brotherhood was founded in SY 085 by the Most Blessed Prophet Diego Gonzalo de Real. Its core belief is that their ‘god’, Good Prince Chartris, was betrayed and martyred by Sable for speaking against his wicked father, and the evil King. As such, Sable is the enemy, and should be resisted in the memory of the Blessed Martyr.

The High Priest, when the Brotherhood was first encountered, was Carlos de Real, son of Diego, who had been “taken up to be with the Martyr” in SY 115, who ruled Manira as part of a Triumvirate with Gregor Konstantin and Francis Edwards.

Acolytes are split into two branches:

  • The Brothers and Sisters Spiritual, who are the actual true religious faction, who largely rule Manira itself under the auspices of the Triumvirate, maintain the social order, and organise and hold the ceremonies to celebrate the life and untimely death of Good Prince Chartris.
  • The Brothers and Sisters Militant, who deal with practical intelligence and military matters involved in running a covert organisation, act as a paramilitary force, and do all the dirty work off Manira.

To the chosen acolytes of both branches, the Most Blessed Prophet gave limited reality and power, by virtue of infusing them with the power of the Maniran Broken pattern, which allowed them to find Royal Ways and travel Shadow to a limited degree, as well as defend themselves against magical attack. Some of them have also been blessed with the knowledge of Channelling magic, a form of magic that does not seem to occur in the other Broken Pattern realms.

Behind the High Priest, the second most powerful memeber of the Brotherhood was Sister Louhira, principal of the Doctrinal College, the body which decided on the forms of ceremonies, as well as training the Siblings Spiritual, and coming up with ideas and beliefs which can be used to reinforce the justification of the Brotherhood’s actions (cf the Reich Ahnenerbe). With her reapperance on New Oceania, it has become clear that she is actually Carlos’s daughter.

The Brotherhood found a way to harness the influence of the Broken Pattern for their own use, and to instil in its initiates a far more powerful kind of initiation than that encountered with the other eight instances. Instead of just being able to use it to travel Shadow, the Brotherhood found a way to incorporate it into their magic – both ritual and normal sorcery – such that its initiates could use its power to back their spells in a way otherwise only seen with the full Royal Power, and it is more useful for channelling energy. Working with the Master of the Machine, with whom they appear to have had an unexpected alliance, they also managed to successfully initiate certain of the living models of Machine drones to the Power, and train them to use it with almost human skill.

The SIS View

Since the Brotherhood was first encountered , the Sable SIS has come to the conclusion that the entire organisation is a massive vanity project instigated by the attaindered former Prince Chartris, eldest son of Crown Prince Andrew and his first wife, Queen Regan. Their research and investigations concluded the following;

  • After he fell from grace and attaindered, Chartris decided he was going to find some way to get his revenge. He set up The Brotherhood of the Royal Martyr (the martyr obviously being himself!) under an assumed identity (definitely Diego de Real, and possibly also Carlos de Real), as a tool which could be used in his personal struggle against Sable.
  • He used his skills as an intelligence officer to good purpose, in maintaining the secrecy of his organisation and infiltrating both his enemies and the RSHA, so he could keep an eye on both sides. He also drifted to the Empire of Eboracum, and learned of Channelling magic, and decided that it might be just the edge he needed, then somehow infused it into the very nature of the Manira Broken Pattern.