The de Reals: First Family of New Oceania

Triumvir Carlos de Real

Carlos de Real is the last surviving Triumvir from the original days of the Broken Pattern world of Manira. He was instrumental in the relocation of the Maniran Design from hostile territory near Sable, to the world of New Oceania. De Real is the architect of Oceania Design, and devised the ceremony which would take it from a mere Shadow of an enemy world, into a Power to be reckoned with of its own accord. However, due to unforseen circumstances, the ceremony went very wrong, and neither de Real, nor the other Triumvirs, have been seen in public since.

Isabella Hamilton de Real

Belledamme Isabella has been married to Carlos for many years, and was the mother of his three children: Ezequiel, Louhira and Jaime. She isa Talented sorceress, with magical specialities in healing and forensic medicine, as well as a skilled Trump artist. Since the foundation of New Oceania, she has been heavily involved in setting up its medical services, given the challenges both within New Oceania society and from the hostile worlds which have become an integral part of it. She has been seen less often in public over the last few years, but she occasionally makes public apperances with her children.

All three of Carlos’s and Isabella’s children are important within New Oceania in their own right.

Acting Secretary General Ezequiel de Real

The eldest son, Ezequiel is a skilled mage, and did his apprenticeship within the Brotherhood of the Martyr before launching out into politics. Within New Oceania society, he is Acting Secretary General of the Government of New Oceania, until such time as his father returns to the position. His correct form of address is Mr Secretary. It has occasionally been whispered that Ezequiel is quite content that his father is not in the limelight, given the freedom it grants him to establish New Oceania policy according to his preferred view of matters. However, whisperers often have an appointment with the Thought Police shortly afterwards.

Jaime de Real, Minister of Love

Ezequiel’s younger brother, Jaime, assists him in this, as Minister of Love, and is in charge of the New Oceania secret police. Jaime has always worked on the intelligence side of Maniran/New Oceania society, and acted as his father’s agent in Shadow back in the Manira days. He is considered to be more charismatic than his brother, but appears to be less driven by ambition.

Belledame Louhira de Real

Their sister, Louhira, has studied with the Brotherhood of the Martyr since a young age, and her understanding and interpretations of the Martyr’s words are respected and treasured by many within the church. She is acknowledged as a skilled ritual magician, and is well versed in the comparative mythologies of a number of other religions. Since the foundation of New Oceania, she has been Head of the Doctrinal College. She is one of the twelve White Robes of the Brotherhood.