The Silver Shadows

The Silver Shadows are a group of six worlds in the vicinity of Veil 50, which are part of an ongoing mutual security and intelligence operation between Sable, the Reich and the Technocracy, against New Oceania.

The Silver Shadows have a mix of agricultural and industrial worlds, and magic works to Sable standard across all six. However, the general attitudes and fell of the place are much more modern than in Sable itself.

Tech levels in the Silver Shadows vary from 1900s to 1980s. The six worlds are linked by the Silver Road, a combined rail and road artery which links the six capitals and other major cities on each world, thereby ensuring commerce between them. In addition, airships sail the skies, as well as passenger planes, and there are Aurellis transport stations across the bloc.

New Rockwell

Located in Veil 50, directly “south” of New Oceania, New Rockwell is the “main” world in the Silver Shadows. It is the location of both the Capital, Manhattan, seat of the Viceroy and his wife; and the primary Sable military base in the area.  The Shadow has the look and feel of New York in the 1930s, with more than a dash of the Jazz Era and Film Noir, although the tech is a bit higher than that (1950s). It is relatively industrialised.

Manhattan, itself, is the major entertainment centre for all six Shadows. It is also the location of the only Mage College in the Silver Shadows.

The Other Silver Shadows

  • Hartwell (Veil 47). Bordering the Westphalia Group, Hartwell has the second-largest Sable military base in the region. The Shadow itself is roughly 1980s tech, and it has a strong industrial and manufacturing base.
  • Verwood (Veil 48). Tech on Verwood is around the 1930s. A lot of it is covered in ocean, so it provides marine products to the group. However, the Silver Road does reach its capital directly.
  • Lydney (Veil 49). The lowest world of the six down the tech chain, Lydney is the bread basket of the Silver Shadows, producing much of the food for the group.
  • Torrington (Veil 51). Most of the natural resources in the group (fuels, ores, minerals) are provided by Torrington, which uses a combination of mechanical and magical extraction techniques, to limit the environmental damage. The Tech base is around 1970.
  • Blackstone (Veil 52). Bordering the Quaternary Array, Blackstone shares the highest tech level in the region with Hartwell, largely due to the fact that it interfaces with the Technocracy’s Quarternary Array. As a result, it has a high level of manufacturing and industry. It is also the home of the armaments industry for the Silver Shadows, and a primary centre for general R&D.

Viceroy Thomas and Vicereine Odessa

Thomas is the middle one of Andrew and Regan’s male triplets, although he is slightly shorter than Adam and is more lightly built. He followed his father into the practice of law after graduating from SMC and gained a strong reputation as a trial lawyer. For some years, he was attached to the Attorney General’s office, working closely with Julian Castle, and enjoyed pulling rank occasionally to stand as prosecutor in criminal cases, and had been tipped to succeed Castle as Sable’s Attorney General. However, he inexplicably resigned his position in April SY154, shortly after the signing of the Armistice with the Reich, and departed from Sable. He has since been given new responsibilities by his grandfather.

Thomas is rumoured to be one of the strongest of the Royal grandchildren in matters arcane, has studied a variety of subjects in his time, and is a well-known exhibiting artist. However, when he plays, he plays hard. For some years he had a a reputation as a womaniser, and indeed has at least two children out of wedlock. However, rather to the surprise of both his siblings and his father, Prince Andrew, Thomas married the Hon. Odessa St John in a small private ceremony in April SY154.

His relationship with his father is more subdued than that enjoyed by many of his siblings, despite the fact that of his kin, he is the one who has most closely followed Andrew’s original career. As of 1st April SY155, Thomas was appointed as Viceroy of the Silver Shadows.