On the Inside

The Kingdom of Sable Government, Royal Family etc
The Commonwealth The trading Shadows trading shadows with which Sable does business
Azure The sea realm of Azure, and its Queen, Alison
Argent The sky realm of Argent, and its King, Cathal
Elementis The new central realm between Sable and Aurellis
The Technocracy The world Created by Andrew de Lacy in Veil 100 North
Aurellis, Realm of Roland Helgram As Thelbane is to Amber, so Aurellis is to Sable
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On the Outside

Murray Gateway world from the Outside to Sable
Seconde The external instance of the Nexus Power


The related Aurellis Game, run by Tim Hart, largely takes place on the Outside, although Aurellis itself is on the Inside.
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