Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers, which serve as a game timeline. The most recent stories are at the top. For all readers interested in our Archives, the following years have been made available.

Headlines for SY159

The Sable Press The Reich Press
30 June Murray forces have successfully defeated the Machine incursion on Hereadthian
17 June River Hills Mining agrees to pay medical expenses and compensation to miners affected by poor mining practices at its former Outside subsidiary, River Hills Mining. While the subsidiary had already been sold at the time when the miners were exposed to the toxic substance, Harathium, RHM has decide to act in good faith with regard to this issue.
13 June The Murray Herald reports that an active Machine Collective has been discovered on the world of Hereadthian, rather too close to the Murray trading Shadows for anyone’s comfort. Military options are being considered.
25 May A serious mass casualty event occurred on the Commonwealth Defence world of Lowell last Friday (23 May). Investigations into the identities of the perpetrators are ongoing, with Jensen agents suspected, but a related assassination attempt against Prince James and the Lowell General Staff has been thwarted.
21 May In a half-page advertisment published in the Commonwealth Correspondent, Maxwell Kilbride, head of Public Relations for Richard Roman Enterprises, commented that his company was disappointed with Sable’s short-sightedness with respect to the RRE Portal System. He once again stressed the benefits of the system, especially in terms of costs compared to the ATS, and its ability to break the ATS’s previous monopoly on point-to-point Shadow transport for the man in the street.
20 May The Sable Government has issued a formal advisory to government, civil service and military personnel, against the use of the RRE Portal System on those worlds in the Commonwealth that have adopted it.
23 April Sable agents have discovered and neutralised a technological threat on the hostile world of Jensen
19 April HRH Prince Thomas has decided to leave Sable at this time, to live on the Gateway World of Murray
16 April The Khachuran Bloc world of Carlisle reports that it has repelled an attack by hostile forces of unknown origin. Rumours abound of “werewolves” and “vampires”, but these have not been confirmed by the authorities.
15 April It is with great regret that Sable Palace announces the death of Princess Odessa, wife of Prince Thomas. The Royal Family requests that the people of Sable respect His Highness’s privacy at this sad time.
14 April The recent violent storms across Sable, Murray and many other Shadows have finally abated, and clean-up operations are beginning The recent violent storms seen in Sanguine and some of the Outer Reich worlds have abated. Contact remains lost with the Reichsprotektorate of Verrien.
12 April Storms continue to affect Sable and Murray: King Robert and Regent Emily are still monitoring the situation. Sanguine continues to report serious storms. Reichsprotektor Kapler has cancelled all engagements to deal with the problem.
11 April Unnatural storms hit Sable and Murray. King Robert and Regent Emily are monitoring the situation, and believe there is currently no cause for alarm, but are ready to step in if necessary. A number of the Outer Reich worlds in the North-East Quadrant, as well as the Gateway World of Sanguine and its surrounding Shadows, have reported violent storms with hurricane-force winds. Contact with the Reichsprotektorate of Verrien has been lost,
17 March Sable’s letter of protest, has been delivered personally to the Jensen Minister of the Exterior.
14 March The Sable Goverment will be sending a letter of protest to the Government of Jensen, with respect to hostile actions undertaken recently in the Lowell Quadrant of the Commonwealth.
10 March The Kingdom of Sable continues to work with President York and Secretary of State Caraher on Anghelt, with regard to rooting out those hostile forces who recently attempted a coup in that world. It is hoped that diplomatic relations will be normalised properly in the next few weeks.
6 March The heavy rainfall seen recently has finally let up. It is hoped that the recent flooding will recede in the next few days.
5 March Illegal fight club broken up in Sable City, and all participants arrested.
4 March Confluence Park severely damaged by an eight-foot bore which came down the Sable River. Water reveals a mass grave of humans and animals.
2 March No let-up is being seen in the heavy rainfall in the south of the country. The combined SMC/RE team within Sable City is working round the clock to try to prevent serious flooding in the city. The Met Office has been unable to discern the reason for the deluge.
1 March Field Marshall Prince James has been appointed Acting Duke of Lowell until further notice
28 February Sable River flood warnings now in place up to and including Avonbridge. Within Sable City, the Sable Mage College and the Royal Engineers are devising plans to try to prevent the river bursting its banks in the docks and industrial areas.
27 February Sable River flood warnings extended to Wickstone
26 February Record-high rainfall has been reported by the Sable Meteorological Office in the south of the country and up in the Sable Mountains. Flood warnings are in place on the Sable River from Mountain Falls to Bradgate.
23 February Preliminary investigations into the assassination of Duke Travis and Adila Masterson indicate that the assassin was hired by agents from Jensen.
22 February The Reich sends its condolances to the families of Travis Heinmann and Adila Masterson, and offers its assistance to Sable to find the perpetrators.
21 February Travis Heinmann, Duke of Lowell, and Senior Sable Diplomat Adila Masterson assassinated during a visit to the world of Carrick, which applied for Commonwealth Membership some time ago.
7 February Statement issued by RRE: “We reject claims by the naysayers in Sable that the Portal System is unsafe. It has been rigourously tested over a number of years, with no problems. RRE believes that the Sable stance is less about safety, and more about wishing to maintain the lucrative contracts it has with the ATS and punish competition.”
6 February Travel Advisory. The Sable Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory against use of the RRE Portal System, citing concerns with the novel technology used in the system.
5 February President York restored to power in Anghelt, following a counter-coup led by former Minister Calvin Caraher, who had lost his position on the Council due to the machinations of the coup plotters, supported by a group of serving Ministers along with the President’s closest relatives.
27 January Further information out of Anghelt suggests that President York is no longer ruling the Shadow, after what appears to have been an internal coup by anti-Sable interests within the Council of Ministers, led by Ministers Lee Sarason and Dewey Haik. Speculation is rife that their actions were sponsored by either Jensen or Garrowby.
26 January Visit by Sir Marcus Court to Anghelt called off due to security issues.
23 January Concerns raised about the Commonwealth World of Anghelt, which has unilaterally downgraded the Sable Diplomatic Mission to a Consulate, instead of a full Embassy. Sir Marcus Court to visit Chester next week, to discuss the issue with President Alexander Geoffrey York.
1 January 159 The Sable Press would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year.