Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers for the years SY150-152. Later stories are at the top. For other years, click below.

Headlines for SY150-152

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
28 December 152 The Reich denies accusations that it was behind the rocket attack on Kaliel
27 December 152 Rockets of unknown origin used against Sable troops on Kaliel
10 December 152 Attack against the Sable Christmas Market thwarted; Royal baby found
1 October 152 The new Reich Ambassador, Graf Gottlieb Karsten, presents his credentials to His Majesty the King.
22 September 152 Crown Prince Johan marries Juliana Lambert in lavish ceremony in Berlin
6 September 152 Sable agents thwart the Machine’s plans on Aldemyon
3 August 152 Leader of the black magic cult found to be responsible for the attack on His Majesty captured Obergruppenführer von Raeder called back from Sanguine to lead a military operation to destroy a rogue Reich-originating magical group on Fürth
9 July 152 Attempt on the King’s life by an unknown agency thwarted at Society wedding; bride’s life also saved by a well-placed friend of the family
8 July 152 Court and Social. Well known socialite Anna-Lise Kreuger to marry Dr Felix Ronson this afternoon.
1 May 152 Sable agents conduct rescue operations on the world of Canchester after an incursion on the world by unknown enemies; investigations suggest that they may have originated from the world known as Weimar in Veil 22, but no prisoners were taken who could confirm this
25 March 152 HMS Endurance destroyed in devastating explosion while undergoing refit at Riversend; heavy casualties sustained; sabotage suspected
24 March 152 Heinrich Strasse, previously an accredited Reich journalist to Sable, declared a traitor to the Fatherland.
27 February 152 Forgery ring attempting to debase the Sable currency broken up on Berrin; links established to the Reich world of Bayern, where the perpetrators are
dealt with in a joint operation
28 December 151 The mastermind behind the failed terrorist attack on the Sable ATS station captured
16 December 151 Terrorist attack on the Sable ATS station thwarted, but the chief perpetrator remains at large
17 October 151 Attempts by foreign agents to kidnap Princess Cerian, during a gallery opening in Sable City, foiled by Sable agents
12 September 151 Princess Elanor passes out from Sandhurst and moves onto active duty
11 April 151 Sudden storms rack the Reichsprotektorate of Verrien; RFSS Delatz steps in personally to calm the situation
5 November 150 Accusations impugning the honour of Captain Julian Bond, RN, are proven to be due to the machinations of foreign agents within Sable
12 September 150 Princess Elanor begins the Sable Army Regular Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst
1 August 150 Obergruppenführer Josh Conrad, son and heir of the Herzog von Nürnberg, appointed Head of the SS Schule-Haus
July 150 Princess Elaine visits a number of Commonwealth Worlds in the
5 May 150 Obergruppenführer the Graf von Klieburg recalled to active duty and appointed Head of Ausland-SD (Außerhalb), based on Sanguine
1 January 150 Anghelt becomes the newest Commonwealth State