Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers for the year SY154. Later stories are at the top. For other years, click below.

Headlines for SY154

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
25 December 154 Normality restored: Sable enjoys a white Christmas
21 December 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Brigadeführer Josh Conrad inducted into the Knights of the SS Winter Circle
29 November 154 Amadeus Heider, journalist for the Reich paper Das Tag, formally has had his accreditation revoked due to activities incompatible with his status.
24 November 154 Well-known paediatrician Doktor Jaime Armin found hanged in his office; police rule the death a suicide
23 November 154 Court and Social: German nightingale Margitte Schell dies in tragic accident while visiting Sable
23 November 154 Trouble and tragedy at the Opera! Assasination foiled! Gottleib Karsten, Reich Consul to Sable, saved and perpetrators caught in joint operation. Visiting Reich diva Margitte Schnell tragically killed in an assassination attempt against the Ambassador Karsten and HM King Robert.
1 November 154 Court and Social: The Tifanni family launch their new range of personalised ID jewellery
31 October 154 Court and Social: Sable Royal Opera House announces that a Royal Gala production of
The Marriage of Figaro will be performed on 22 November. In the spirit of cultural exchange, the famous Reich opera singer Margitte Schnell will be visiting Sable City to play the role of Susanna in a production of The Marriage of Figaro, on 22 November, opposite Sable baritone Francis Benucci. In return, our own Olivia Castle, will be appearing Brunnhilde in Die Walkurie in Berlin on the same evening.
25 October 154 Prince Michael found safe and well after the storm.
20 October 154 Telephone and rail links re-established nationwide
18 October 154 As the clean-up from the storm continues, this paper has learned that Prince Michael has been declared missing, a possible casualty of the storm.
17 October 154 Clean-up efforts under way across the country; initial reports indicate that last night’s storms were thankfully not as major as those experienced in May
16 October 154 Major storm hits the centre of the country: some casualties reported; rail and telecoms links down Hurricane force winds lash Western Provinces and Sudetenland East
7 October 154 Prince Michael and his team return safely from Azoulas; Sable maintains a security presence there.
1 October 154 The City-State of Valhalla, under the rulership of Hochprinzessin Traudl Lange, KSS, has offered the hand of friendship to our great nation; Herzog Delatz has accepted on the Kaiser’s behalf
7 September 154 Court and Social: Yesterday, Richard, Duke of Northbury, son of Princess Marion, married Nikola Saller at St Michael’s Cathedral Reich forces have been invited onto the world of Kerrineck to restore order in the wake of the Plague
5 September 154 Sable forces assisting the world of Azoulas, ground zero of what is being called the Azoulas Contagion, in treating the victims and advising on law and order
30 August 154 Investigations continue into the extent of the plague; HRH Prince Michael spearheading the team searching for a cure
27 August 154 Reports of a cross-Shadow plague are coming in from out in Veil Ten; however, there is no cause for alarm at this time
10 August 154 Rumours are circulating that the land of Valhalla has been found in the Sable Mountains; the Ahnenerbe are investigating whether there is any truth to this
1 August 154 Missing Jung Sanatorium patient found after extensive search; now recovering in hospital
31 July 154 Simon Perkins, nurse at the Jung Sanatorium found murdered; concerns expressed for a patient in his charge, who is currently missing
27 July 154 Court and Social: Baron and Lady Horsley hold glittering party to celebrate their Second Anniversary
15 July 154 Apparent Machine outpost discovered on Kuzon; investigations ongoing
8 July 154 Mass grave discovered during excavation of the Sable City Underground Extension: perpetrators identified and justice served
21 June 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Oberstgruppenführer Jorge von Raeder and  Brigadeführer Sigmund Delatz inducted as Knights of the SS Summer Circle
19 June 154 Freak blizzard hits Sable City: 5 killed, 18 injured
18 June 154 Assassination attempt on Reichsführer Delatz at the Wewelesburg foiled
26 May 154 Reich hero Admiral Maxim Raske killed when his ship hit a mine en route to Berlin for new orders
19 May 154 Court and Social. Prince Thomas marries Odessa St. John at St. Michael’s Cathedral, Sable City
15 May 154 Private Member’s Bill regarding Prince Andrew’s status defeated in the House of Commons and will not be persued further
9 May 154 Private Member’s Bill introduced into the Sable Parliament, sponsored by Attorney General Castle, to restore Prince Andrew to the line of succession
5 May 154 Government emergency response measures successful; the great clean-up begins across the Reich
4 May 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Reichsführer Delatz placed on medical leave; Obstgpfs Heydrich and Kessler, and Obgpf Gerlinde temporarily assume joint control of the SS
3 May 154 Storms of unprecedented severity recorded across the Fatherland last night, killing hundreds: Government emergency response implemented
21 April 154 Major conspiracy against our Beloved Kaiser Wilhelm, aimed at destabilising the peace with Sable, discovered and neutralised by the RSHA
19 April 154 Jens von Bomhardt, Großherzog von Wilhelmsberg and Minister of Production and Logistics, killed in an auto accident
11 April 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Wolfram Kapler appointed Gruppenführer, Totenkopfverbande, replacing Rutger Sigiswald, who is wanted for treason against the Reich
10 April 154 Prince Thomas, son of Prince Andrew, resigns as Deputy Attorney General of Sable, and surrenders his Sable bar qualifications
4 April 154 The Technocracy confirms that Prime Technocrat has chosen to relocate to the Outside, formally appointing Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz as leader of the Technocracy in his stead.
22 March 154 Loyal diplomatic assistant Julian Hollister murdered; treason plot by the “Friends of the Lost” discovered. Investigations ongoing.
27 February 154 Sable forces attack and destroy a Machine Data Centre on the distant world of Mondanao, in one of Sable’s largest external operations in some years
24 February 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Full review of Forstapo and Gestapo operations launched by the RFSS following events on Niedersachsen
16 February 154 Das Schwarze Korps: Obergruppenführer Gerlinde returns to duty as Commander of the Forstapo at reduced rank
15 February 154 Hermann Garrett and Alexia Merten ae hereby declared personae non gratia in Reich territory,. It is the duty of all loyal Citizens to notify their local Gestapo office should these individuals be seen
14 February 154 Travel to and from Niedersachsen restricted after a terrorist incident: restrictions are expected to remain in place for some time
1 February 154 Lord Protector Prince William returns to active duty after a period of compassionate leave Das Schwarze Korps: Reichsführer Delatz announces the names of the new individuals to be admitted to the Knights of the SS
20 January 154 Court and Social: The Imperial Palace announces that Princess Wilhelmina will be stepping down from official engagements for a few weeks after a health scare
17 January 154 Artist Damien Hirst cleared of intentional collaboration with the Machine on Cheyne
16 January 154 Machine incursion confirmed and neutralised on the tenth-Veil world of Cheyne
9 January 154 Well-known socialite artist Olivia Perrett apprehended on multiple charges of treason and murder, including that of the late-Princess Sarah
4 January 154 Royal kidnap plot by the Society for Ancient Studies extremists foiled
3 January 154 Princess Sarah to be laid to rest in private ceremony this afternoon on the King’s Isle