Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers for the year SY153. Later stories are at the top. For other years, click below.

Headlines for SY153

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
30 December 153 Oberstgruppenführer Dominik Gerlinde, Commander of the Formannehmen Staatspolizei, seriously injured in assassination attempt; Sable agents suspected
27 December 153 Royal Family mourns Princess Sarah, wife of Lord Protector Prince William, who died yesterday after a long illness
25 December 153 First grey Christmas for thirty years
23 December 153 Emperor Sirius of Aurellis, friend and ally to the Kingdom of Sable, marries the Princess Sirenna in Eboracum Kaiser Wilhelm attends the wedding of his good friend Emperor Sirius of Eboracum
21 December 153 Das Schwarze Korps: Gruppenführer Wolfram Kapler inducted as a Knight of the SS Winter Circle
2 November 153 Riversend Naval Base saved from devastating attack by the so-called Society for Ancient Studies
27 August 153 Nevers returned to Sable control after almost eighty years
29 July 153 Sable Palace is pleased to announced that His Majesty is now recovered, and will be resuming his duties from 1 August.
14 July 153 Well-known Sable nobleman, Count Francesco Ragoczy, rescued following the disaster on Rensburg
10 July 153 Johan Hartwin, former Head of the Forstapo, dies tragically when Rensburg and its surrounding worlds are destroyed in a cataclysmic event
27 June 153 Meteorite lands on Narmer, injuring a Sable school party; cultists defeated
16 June 153 Rumours that Princess Wilhelmina is suffering from ill health denied by the Imperial Palace
2 June 153 The Imperial Palace is pleased to announce the births of Sabine and Rafael to Crown Prince Johan and his wife Juliana
2 May 153 Machine attempt to influence important government figures on Karstadt and elsewhere in the Commonwealth prevented
3 April 153 Sable ally, The Technocracy, confirms that Prime Technocrat Andrew de Lacy will be unavailable for an unspecified period of time. Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz will be undertaking his duties until further notice
2 April 153 Sable Palace announces that King Robert will be stepping back from his duties for an unspecified period, due to ill health.
Crown Prince Francis named as Regent and sworn in by Lord Chief Justice Julian Castle.
Reichsführer Delatz seriously injured in cowardly attack by Andrew the Butcher
31 March 153 Investigations into the death of Roderick Lonsdale culminate in an altercation between Sable agents and Reich Separatists, the Germanenordern, in the Sable Mountains
29 March 153 Popular River Hills Mining boss Roderick Lonsdale found murdered in Corbridge
22 February 153 Weimar Republik-aligned rocket base destroyed in bold strike by Sable forces
15 February 153 Rocket attacks spread to Herrault