Sable’s Trading Partners

The Commonwealth is the trading bloc based in the three Shadow Veils immediately around the Magica Superior. The Shadows are linked by a network of Royal Ways. Most of the connections from from with the Kingdom of Sable, especially at Riversend, rather than the Reich which is not particularly popular in the Commonwealth Shadows.

To be a full member of the Commonwealth is the equivalent of having both most favoured nation trading status, and also having a mutual defence pact with the forces at the Kingdom of Sable’s disposal. Sable normally reserves the right to have military bases within Commonwealth nations, although military personnel are not allowed to interfere in the day to day running of the Commonwealth Shadow concerned.

In addition, there are four Shadows that are actually military-based, and are responsible for the defence of those Commonwealth Shadows around them – for which they get the same favoured trading status as more regular Commonwealth Shadows, but without the need to trade goods into the other Commonwealth states. These are classed as Defensive Members, and give their names to the Quadrants into which the Commonwealth is roughly split:

Each is ruled by an experienced military officer of Ducal rank. On these worlds, there is a compulsory period of National Service, which has to be undertaken somewhere between 18 and 25. Since the assassination of Duke Travis of Lowell, on 21 February SY159, Lowell has been under the command of Field Marshal Prince Francis.

Topographical map of the Commonwealth