The Commonwealth Forces

The Royal Commonwealth Forces are the protectors of the Commonwealth Veil states, and blend Sable’s own troops posted in the Commonwealth with those of the four Commonwealth Defence Shadows. There are both army and navy units attached to the Royal Commonwealth Forces. The Commonwealth naval forces are based out of Riversend, although their operations are exclusively off Magica Superior, while the army is split between the four Commonwealth Defence Shadows. The Sable Royal Air Force does not operate within the Commonwealth, with one exception.

There is a Commonwealth Staff Council which acts as a subset of the main Sable Staff Council, dealing with matters pertaining specifically to the Commonwealth. This comprises the Lord Protector Prince William, Field Marshal Lord William O’Connor, Generals Duke Marne, FitzWilliam and Earl FitzCalen, General Duchess Shaw, General Alexandra Beaumont and Admiral Richard Greer. In addition, Field Marshal Prince Francis has represented Duchy of Lowell since the assassination of Duke Travis, and is expected to continue to do so until the situation with Jensen is resolved.

The Commonwealth Defence-Pact Shadows

Each of the four Defence-pact Shadows provides land-based forces for the defence of their quadrants – Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth states alike – and the Dukes/Duchess have been provided with the means to take their troops through Shadow into battle if necessary. Two of the Defence Shadows, Cadel and Lowell, also have naval forces which can be deployed in the Commonwealth Band if required, in conjunction with Sable’s Royal Commonwealth Navy. In addition, since SY103, the Veil Six world of Khachuran as been accredited as a Defence-Pact world, and is the only one with an air force.

The Royal Commonwealth Army: General Alexandra Beaumont

The Sable Army in the Commonwealth is commanded by General Alexandra Beaumont, and is approximately of equal strength to the individual armies of the Commonwealth Defence-Pact Shadows. It can be deployed if necessary to support the native forces within the three Commonwealth Veils, although for it to operate within a non-Commonwealth Shadow requires the permission of the resident authorities on that Shadow. Within the Commonwealth States, it can be deployed at will if the security of Sable or its allies is threatened, although in practice, this is never done without the agreement of the threatened quadrant’s Duke or Duchess.

General Beaumont is a career soldier, having served in the Sable Army in all three operational divisions. She is a tall woman, with red hair and green eyes, and appears to be in her late-thirties. She was given command of the RCA about fifteen years ago.

The Royal Commonwealth Navy: Admiral Richard Greer

The Royal Commonwealth Navy operates out of the Riversend Naval Base, although it does not have responsibility for actions on Magica Superior itself, only the Commonwealth Veils. In size it is equal to the combined naval forces of Cadel and Lowell, with which it often undertakes joint operations and exercises. It comprises a number of fast-attack boats, plus a wide range of capital ships, although it does not have aircraft carriers, as mechanised air combat is only possible within a very few Commonwealth Shadows.

Admiral Greer is a huge man, about 6’6″ in height and well built, with a commanding presence. He has served in both the External Royal Navy and the Commonwealth Forces, and was appointed as Admiral Commanding the Commonwealth Fleet twenty-five years ago.