Commonwealth Home
Second Veil Defence Pact State
Government: Absolute Duchy
Ruler: Duchess Rowena Shaw, DG
Capital City: Ashton
Shigare is the only one of the Commonwealth Defence Shadows ruled by a woman. Duchess Rowena inherited the position from her father, Duke Callum, about fifteen years ago. She is also the youngest of the Defence Pact Rulers. Shigare has a strong military tradition, and is one of Sable’s strongest allies. Shigaran soldiers have played a key part in the Sable forces for a very long time. It serves as Defensive Member for the Commonwealth’s North-West Quadrant.

 Veil One Worlds


Commonwealth Member
Government: Sable Governorship
Ruler: Governor James Stone
Capital City: Ledbury

A vast plain of grassland, with twinkling rivers and extensive forests near the base of the mountains. The Shadow provides grain, vegetables and animal foods, farmed and produced using traditional methods, as well as good lumber. It is one of the first Shadows out of Sable using the mountain route, and King Robert thinks of it as Sable’s market garden.


Commonwealth Member
Government: Sable Governorship
Ruler: Governor Bethany Gray
Capital City: Shasta

A sparsely populated, somewhat mountainous Shadow on the route out through the Sable mountains, next to Arbere in the first veil outside of Sable. It is known for production of sheep and goats, as well as having some small deposits of minerals and precious metals.

Veil Two Worlds


Commonwealth Member
Government: Democratic Council
Ruler: Chief Councillor Rigel
Capital City: Luzan

A warm, continental Shadow. Known for agriculture, especially grain and fruit. It also has a reputation as a convalescent Shadow, where people go after illness, to convalesce and get back on track, as it has a multitude of healing spas and springs.


Commonwealth Member
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Ruler: King Naire
Capital City: Lyona

Another warm, continental Shadow. Also known for agriculture, and the best wines in the Commonwealth. The royal house have ruled for as long as can be remembered, and while the monarchy is absolute, it is also benevolent towards its subjects, making sure standards of living are good throughout the Shadow.


Commonwealth Member
Government: Republic
Ruler: President Martin Kiern
Capital City: Blairston

Tyndal has a wealth of agricultural land, as well as a variety of natural resources. As a result, there is a combination of both crop and animal farming, and mining, smelting and preparation of raw materials, each zoned into separate areas on the two main landmasses on the Shadow. As well as the Commonwealth itself, Tyndal’s markets include Shadows such as Jensen and Garrowby.

Veil Three Worlds


Government: Dictatorship
Ruler: Chancellor Corbin Forrest
Capital City: Holmfirth

Adjacent to Garrowby in Veil Three, it is an industrial Shadow of approximately mid-1970s level technology: a rapid, and somewhat unnatural increase from roughly 1950s technology back when it’s application to join the Commonwealth was rejected in mid-SY 148. ago. Jensen also has some trading links to its surrounding Shadows. Unfortunately its system of government, and its habit of spying on its own people, let alone its neighbours, were contributing factors to the rejection of its application to join the Commonwealth. Since then, Jensen has developed much closer links to the Outer Reich than many other worlds in the Commonwealth Veils.


Government: Republic
Ruler: President Delyth Jakim
Capital City: Rigast

Commercial Shadow which manufactures some light industrial and consumer products, and acts as a trading centre for various of the surrounding Shadows. Kelderfield has never sought Commonwealth membership as it has always felt it was unnecessary, although it does appreciate the security against Reich incursions which comes with close proximity to Commonwealth States.


Government: Constituctional monarchy
Ruler: King Karramon II
Capital City: Arith

Agricultural Shadow of approximately 1900s technology, with strong trading links to the non-Commonwealth world of Welkin: Welkin’s industrial base and Kinan’s agricultural one complement each other very well. Kinan has considered Commonwealth membership for some time, but has not acted upon it. However, should Welkin apply for membership, Kinan is likely to follow suit.


Commonwealth Member
Government: Constitutional Monarchy with advisory council
Ruler: Queen Oleya
Capital City: Kingston

Weston is a comparatively recent admission to the Commonwealth, the treaty having been drawn up just ten years ago, since the formation of the Outer Reich. It brings to the trading bloc a well balanced part-agricultural, part-industrial economy, and some very fine makers of beer and cider.