Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers for the year SY158. Later stories are at the top. For other years, click below.

Headlines for SY158

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
21 December 158 Princess Astrid marries Obergruppenführer Josh Conrad, first in an SS ceremony, and then at a lavish public ceremony at Saint Rafael’s Cathedral
12 October 158 Princeess Elanor decides not to re-enlist in the Sable Army
29 September 158 In a ceremony held at the Imperial Palace this afternoon, Princess Sabine and Prince Rafael, children of Hochprinz Johan and his wife, Julian, were publicly declared to be of age, and have been admittted to the Imperial Order of the Black Eagle. Prince Rafael has also been confirmed as Second in Line to the Imperial Throne.
1 August 158 Hochprinz Johan and his wife, Juliana, announce the birth of their daughter, Maria
13 July 158 Royal Engagement! Princess Astrid to wed Oberstgruppenführer Josh Conrad, Kommandant of the SS-Schule Haus
1 July 158 Due to a change in the Constitution of the Reich Staff Council, the Reichsführer-SS and the Führer-SA are now voting members. In addition, Hochprinz Johan has joined the Council and been promoted to the rank of Generaloberst.
21 June 158 Das Schwarze Korps:Gruppenführer Hans Luitpold made a Knight of the SS Summer Circle
19 June 158 Advertisement: RRE is pleased to announce that the Portal System is once again functional. We look forward to welcoming back your business.
27 May 158 The Veil 3 world of Carrick, in the Lowell Quadrant, has applied for full membership of the Commonwealth
19 March 158 The Queen’s Gallery regrets to announce the theft of Questionable Creatures, the centrepiece of our latest exhibition. We are appealing for any information leading to its return. Advertisement: RRE apologises for the temporary closure of the Portal System. We would like to assure our clients that we hope to get it up and running again as soon as possible.
17 March 158 Rumours of odd animal attacks in the City of Köln. The Sable Consul to Karstadt has expressed his concerns.
10 March 158 Advertisment: The Queen’s Gallery, Köln, Karstadt announces the opening of a new exhibition of ancient manuscripts from around the Commonwealth. Be sure to check out the centrepiece, Questionable Creatures, a beautifully illustrated parchment bestiary, estimated at about 600 years old, which is on loan from the world of Carrick.
15 February 158 Advertisment: Are Piloting costs becoming too expensive for your business? Try the Portal System, from Richard Roman Enterprises. Now available across Der Aussenhandel der Reichsverband, and on selected Veil Three Shadows.
12 February 158 Sable is pleased to announce the opening of Diplomatic Relations with the people of Pelagius.
1 February 158 Following a direct attack on the Weimar infrastructure by Sable operatives, a massive cross-Shadow event originates from the Weimar Homeworld, which is scoured to the bare rock.
1 January 158 The formal Peace Treaty between Sable and the Reich comes into force, superseding the previous Armistice.