On the Inside

Political map of Sable/Magica Superior, the Sable Primal World, as of SY 154
Map of the Kingdom of Sable
Topographical map of the closest Shadows to Magica Superior
Map of the Fatherland
Central area of the Reich capital, showing the major civic buildings
Topographical map showing the locations of the Reich trade blocs
A rough representation of the progression of Shadows out from Sable
The Shadows around New Oceania, in Veil 50, including the Reich Westphalia Group
Magica Superior in SY 125

On the Outside

Murray, gateway world from the Outside to Sable
Rothiemay Island, Murray
Huntly City, capital of Murray
Sanguine, gateway sorld from the Outside to the Reich
Neum√ľnster, capital of Sanguine