The Murray Royal Family

King Dominic of Murray, KG

Dominic is the eldest child of Crown Prince Andrew, although he is no longer in the Sable succession. He stands about 5’10” in height, and is quite solidly built. The circumstances of Dominic’s birth have never been made clear, although it is known that he was fostered in Sable City, with Simon Ellis, Principal of SMC, and his wife, rather than being brought up within the Palace. It is presumed that his legitimacy was in question, and hence he was brought up outside the family.

For a long time, relations between himself and his father were strained. However, around the time that Andrew and Regan disappeared, Dominic was declared legitimate in the eyes of Sable’s courts, at which point his status as Andrew’s eldest child, whatever the actual circumstances of his birth, meant that he became Crown Prince of Sable. After Prince Andrew’s return, the status quo was maintained for some years. With the passing of the Sable Succession Bill in SY 154, however, with what appeared to be his support, Dominic moved behind his father in precedence once again. The situation has been rather awkward for both parties, however.

Following the discovery of the Weimar Republik, King Robert and Crown Prince Andrew decided to recall Prince James from Murray, to take charge of the Sable forces in the Weimar Bloc. The initial plan was to invite Dominic to take James’s place as Prince Regent. Given the awkwardness between Andrew and Dominic, however, the plan evolved, and in June SY 156 it was agreed that Dominic would renounce his rights in the Sable succession, instead becoming monarch of Murray in his own right. He was crowned King of Murray on 29 August SY 156.

Dominic is a little on the serious side much of the time, although when he is in a good mood he can be very good company. He keeps a brotherly eye on his younger siblings, of which he has many. In his time, he has acted as Master at Arms to Sable’s forces, a job he did with considerable flair, as well as being absent on business for the King on numerous occasions.

Queen Kristin

Kristin was Dominic’s girlfriend for many years, before they married on Midsummer’s Day, SY 152. She was born in the Outside Kingdom of Thelbane, and grew up as a member of House Helgram. She first arrived in Sable in around SY 023, although both she and Dominic were in and out until after the death of Prince Andrew’s first wife, Regan. When Dominic became Crown Prince of Sable, however, they began to spend more of their time in the Kingdom.

She is a Doctor of Magic, and is also known to have some expertise in shapeshifting. In addition, since moving to Murray, she has demonstrated that she is an initiate of the Thelbane Logrus.

Dominic and Kristin have four children, and time has obviously been spent in fast time, as all the children are in their teens.

  • Crown Prince Aidan (aged 17)
  • Prince Callum (Aidan’s younger twin)
  • Princess Isabella (aged 15)
  • Prince Ethan (aged 14)