At the very heart of the Sable universe, is the world of Terra Magica. In a cavern below the basement of Millbank Manor on that Shadow is the Terra Magica Pattern, of which the Sable universe is a Shadow. Terra Magica itself is inaccessible from the Sable universe, except by King Robert and those he chooses to tell the secret to.

The universe itself, Terra Magica excluded, is divided into four regions. The three major regions are the Outer or Sky Shadows, the Middle or Earth Shadows, and the Inner or Water Shadows. Stylistically, they would appear as three sheets of paper wrapped around a central ball. The ball contains the completely unexplored fire realm, which is not accessible except in very extreme circumstances.

If you think of the system as ovoid, the realm of Sable, with its daughter realms of Argent in the Sky and Azure under the Waves, are at the Northern Pole. At the Southern Pole is the Logrus realm of Aurellis, and its supporting Shadows, created elsewhere by Roland Helgram, but then brought into the Sable system by Robert, with Roland’s agreement. Aurellis is also a highly magical realm, with a locked system – Rolandways – at its heart. (Of course, Aurellis would dispute this orientation, placing itself at the Northern Pole, and Sable at the Southern!)

In the centre of the ball – where Ygg would have been within the original Amber universe – is the Technology Belt, which has recently been united by the Nexus Power, thus forming the Technocracy. This is a ring of highly technological Shadows, and as you approach it from either Sable or Aurellis, magic gives way to technology, and in the belt, while magic is still extant, it is technology which reigns supreme. This means that links between Sable and Aurellis are not as strong as they otherwise would have been. Indeed, it’s only members of the respective Royal Families who can easily make the trip from one realm to the other.