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Lighthouse Timeline Date (LT) Event Original Date Original Event
000-April 099 All events remain in tact from the original version. 000-onwards Robert de Lacy and Rupert Delatz agree to meet once a month, every month, to “keep each other civilised”.
11th April 099 Information is received by certain powerful parties within Sable and the Reich, regarding the Broken Pattern world of Verrien. A problem with the Broken Pattern is fixed by William de Lacy and Francesco Ragoczy, but in the process Philip le Bel is killed, and William and Francesco are seriously injured. Spring 151 A ritual is undertaken on Broken Pattern Grey Three by Aster von Schultz and Philip le Bel. Upon investigation, le Bel is  killed, von Schultz is captured, and Sable takes control of the Verrien Broken Pattern.
12th April 099 A Reich force commanded by Rupert Delatz and Joachim Peiper invades and takes control of Verrien. Previously, the Reich had stayed out of these areas, except for the Aussenhandel Groups.
12th April 099 Robert and Rupert learn of future problems with Manira and New Oceania, as well as the Creation of the Technocracy and the Machine. 1st May 152 Sable first becomes aware of the threat from the Brotherhood of the Marytr.
12th April 099 A serious breakdown in communications occurs between Robert and Rupert, such that they cease to meet once a month for some years.
15th April 099 Robert and Michael make contact with Andrew de Lacy, who has been missing since SY069. Early-December 119 Andrew gets in contact with Robert, having been missing since SY069.
1st May 099 Robert visits Roland Helgram in what will become the Outside, and they get talking about the problems and potential changes, as Roland is linked to Rallissa, his Goddess of the Years, and so remembers what was before. Michael becomes Aurellian God of Communications (and Trumps, and Protector of Lesser Siblings of Immensely Powerful Godlike Beings).
Robert becomes Aurellian God of Enquiry (aka Investigation and Teaching).
Early-153 Robert becomes Aurellian God of Investigation and Teaching (and briefly Trumps).
Rupert becomes Aurellian God of Protection.
1 February 100 Robert and Roland work together to relocate the Aurellian Logrus from its original location to Create the Inside. June 118 Robert and Roland work together to relocate the Aurellian Logrus from its original location to Create the Inside.
27 October 100 Kaiser Wilhelm appoints Advocate Conrad Berthelmes to lead a Commission into a possible variance of the Shapeshifter Laws. The move is resisted for some years by the RFSS and the Forstapo
100-105 Significant Reich expansion in Veils Five and Six.
1 May 102 Rupert Delatz marries Silvie Heusser at the Wewelsburg.
February 103 Diego de Real locates an interesting location for the possible establishment of New Oceania.
10 July 103 Sigmund Conrad Wilhelm Delatz born to Rupert and Silvie.
2 January 104 Duke Michael de Lacy walks the Sable Pattern, and is thereafter accorded the rank of Prince.
14-15 June 105 Manira, the gift that keeps on giving in any timeline. 6 January 154 The Brotherhood of the Martyr relocate the Maniran Broken Pattern to Veil 50.
Late-June 105 Robert and Rupert finally start talking again.
Early-July 105 Rupert Delatz becomes Aurellian God of Protection.
Late-July 105 Rupert and the Forstapo agree to co-operate with the Berthelmes Commission
10 September 105 King Robert, Prime Minister Alexander Havers, Kaiser Wilhelm, and RFSS Delatz sign the Outer Ring Treaty, which confirms the new borders of Sable and Reich territory in Veils Five and Six of Shadow and guarantees Sable possession of Khachuran, Teruel and Annency.
21 December 105 The gateway worlds of Murray, Sanguine and Casablanca are founded and connected to the Inside.
Sable is connected to the Aurellis Transport System, and the Sable Guild of Pilots is established as an independent entity.
James de Lacy appointed Regent of Murray
June 113
Murray Created.
Sable connected to the ATS
Sanguine Created.
19 May 106 The Berthelmes Commission makes its recommendations on the variance of the Shapeshifter Laws
13 October 106 Crown Prince Dominic abdicates his titles and positions, and leaves Sable for his wife’s homeland of Thelbane, on the Outside. Francis, eldest son of Andrew in good standing, becomes Crown Prince of Sable. Late -119 Andrew returns to Sable but does not replace his son Dominic as Crown Prince until the Restoration Bill of May 154.
1 November 106 Prince James recalled from Murray
Princess Emily, daughter of Robert and Claire, appointed Regent of Murray
1 March 107 The Reich is connected to the Aurellis Transport System. Administraton of the system and the Pilots within it is placed under the command of Standartenführer Dominik Gerlinde of the Forstapo. SY150ish The Reich connected to the ATS
1 January 108 The recommendations of the Berthelmes Commission are enshrined in Reich Law, by way of amendments to the Shapeshifter Laws
14 September 117 Berthold Stefan Robrecht Delatz born to Rupert and Silvie 14 September 151 Stefan and Berthold born to Rupert and Annifrid Ragnarsian
21 March 118 Elementis Created in the centre of the Inside by the Four Sisters. 1 January 120 The Technocracy Created by Andrew at the centre of the Inside: the Machine also comes into being, along with Andreas Delatz.
Mid-June 118 Dominik Gerlinde becomes commander of the Forstapo and is promoted to Gruppenführer
The Reich Guild of Pilots established formally as a semi-independent entity, albeit with funding organised by SS Amt 2
7 February 120 Rallissa takes it upon herself to correct a percieved misjustice suffered by Andrew, with respect to the Technocracy. These actions have unforseen consequences with respect to Manira/New Oceania.
12 January 121 Doktor Dirk Weber becomes the first male commander of the Ahnenerbe Forschungs und Lehrgemeinschaft, and is promoted to Obergruppenführer. 125 Weber declared dead following a Waffen-SS operation on Manira, and joins the ruling clique of the Weimar Republik.
122 The Weimar Republik established in Veil 22 by Ernst Keller and Sofia Halbeck, assisted by Raymond Syke and Carlos de Real. 122 The Weimar Republik was set up in Veil 22 by Andreas Delatz, with the help of Ernst Keller and Sofia Halbeck.
30 November 123 The Reich Energy Research Institute at the Port of Rostock is destroyed by Andrew de Lacy and the Technocracy, with the loss of over a million lives
Thereafter, this event is known as the Rostock Disaster or the Rostock Massacre, depending on who is describing it
30 November 123 The Port of Danzig is destroyed in a tragic accident
1 December 123 The Reich declares war on the Technocracy
5 December 123 In light of the events at Rostock , the Reich makes the first approaches to Sable with respect to a formal ceasefire between the two nations.
Initially, Sable dismisses this as an attempt by the Reich to avoid having to fight a war on two fronts, and the approach fails to gain traction.
The Reich and the Technocracy were never formally at war in the pre-Lighthouse timeline
26 January 124 Elanor and Edmund born to Regent Emily of Murray and her husband, Dr. Daniel Everard January 127 Elanor and Edmund born and brought to Sable. Their father is not identified.
30 November 124 On the first anniversary of the Rostock Massacre, the Reich renews its approach to Sable with respect to a formal ceasefire.
125-onwards Weber begins to change the focus of the Ahnenerbe, prioritising medicine, genetics, eugenics, the Lebensborn System, and Race and Settlment, and moving its focus away from the more vague area of “Ancient Mysteries”.
17 June 125 King Robert of Sable and Kaiser Wilhelm sign an Armistice between their two realms, and stating their intention to bring about a full Peace Treaty in due course. 7 April 154 Kaiser Wilhelm and King Robert of Sable sign an Amistice between their two realms, in the presence of Emperor Sirius of Eboracum
25 December 128 King Robert of Sable, Prime Minister Virginia Morrison, Kaiser Wilhelm  and RFSS sign the official Sable-Reich Peace Treaty
1 January 129 The Sable-Reich Peace Treaty comes into force 1 January 158 The formal Peace Treaty between Sable and the Reich comes into force, superseding the previous Armistice.
3 August 149 Princess Elanor of Murray and Sable marries Georg Wilhelm Adelmar von Raeder, Graf von Klieburg and Priest of Protection. They will be spending the first few months of married life in the Empire of Eboracum
Mid-149 Despite efforts by Jensen and Garrowby, the Sable Government announces that Anghelt will be admitted to the Commonwealth with effect from 1 January SY150
2 April 153 Sable Palace announces that King Robert will be stepping back from his duties for an unspecified period, due to ill health.
Crown Prince Francis named as Regent and sworn in by Lord Chief Justice Julian Castle.
While there are times when the King’s been out of action, for example in July-August 151, no formal Regency has ever been declared
3 April 153 Sable ally, The Technocracy, confirms that Prime Technocrat Andrew de Lacy will be unavailable for an unspecified period of time. Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz will be undertaking his duties until further notice
29 July 153 Sable Palace is pleased to announced that His Majesty is now recovered, and will be resuming his duties from 1 August.
3 April 154 The Technocracy, confirms that Prime Technocrat has chosen to relocate to the Outside, formally appointing Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz as leader of the Technocracy in his stead.
September 155 Sable becomes aware of the Weimar Republik, and begins intelligence operations. September 155 Sable becomes aware of the Weimar Republik, and begins intelligence operations, and institutes a joint operation in the area with forces of the Technocracy.
Early-156 The Reich becomes aware of the Weimar Republik, and begins intelligence operations. Early-156 The Reich becomes aware of the Weimar Republik, and begins intelligence operations.
1 February 158 Following a direct attack on the Weimar infrastructure by Sable operatives, a massive cross-Shadow event originates from the Weimar Homeworld, which is scoured to the bare rock. 1 February 158 Following a direct attack on the Weimar infrastructure by Sable operatives, a massive cross-Shadow EMP field emerges from the Weimar Homeworld, which makes it unreachable by Sable or Technocracy forces.