Thumbnail sketches of selected Sable Game characters, who are played in the US (primarily Ambercon NW).

Phineas Garrand

Born in the Commonwealth, Phineas had a distinguished career in the Sable Diplomatic Service, before leaving public service and setting up his own consultancy.

He is known as a linguist, speaking several Commonwealth languages fluently, and has a reputation as something of a detective, with a knack for fixing delicate problems.

Major Nathan Luca, RG

Nathan has the reputation of being one of the people who actually gives the Royals lessons in self defence.

He is assigned to the staff of Field Marshal Prince Andrew, and is heavily involved with both the Sable and Technocracy forces, as a result.

Mage Major Jack Burton

Born and bred in Sable, Jack Burton is a combat and communications magic specialist, who did his initial studies at SMC, before moving to the SCMM to complete his Doctorate.

He is currently assigned to the Black Panthers.

Capt. Julian Bond, RN (rtd)

Former Captain in the Royal Navy, retired. Generally known as a playboy and man about town, as well as a denizen of the city’s casinos. However, he has proven himself to be very good in a fight.

A series of novels purporting to describe his exploits as a gentleman spy are very popular around Sable and the Commonwealth.

Julian recently undertook a change of appearance for tax reasons.

Mage Captain Caspian Fox

Caspian was born on the Commonwealth world of Vicenza. After a somewhat difficult childhood, he decided to join the Sable Army, to learn some skills and get a proper education. It wasn’t long before he was discovered to be Talented, and was sent to the SCMM. He showed a flair for communications magic, as well as intelligence/counter-intelligence and cryptography, and studied up to Masters level.

He has recently been on detached education leave to SMC, where he has taken his Doctorate, and also gained knowledge of investigative magic.

Django Heron

Django was born in the Commonwealth, the descendant of persecuted refugees fleeing from the worlds conquered by the Reich during the SY100-105 exansion, due to their shapeshifter ancestry.

For the last ten or so years, he has been a Sable agent at large.

Amanda Tifanni, DMg

Amanda is a scion of one of the best family jewellers in the Commonwealth, and a socialite beloved of the tabloids.

She is known to be a Doctor of Magic, with a speciality in investigative/forensic magic.

Captain Quentin Walsh, RN
Viscount Willsburgh

Eldest son of the Earl of Mariner, Quentin is a former Royal Marine who is now working with the Admiralty.

He is registered as a Master Pilot.

Giselle Armand, DMg

Giselle is a mage with specialities in Combat and Defensive magic. She has done a lot of work on “Sentience Wards” for the Powers-That-Be.

Michael “Mickey” Finn

Mickey is a Master Pilot with something of a speciality for getting people – and things – into places under the radar.

Mage Lieutenant First Class Jack River

Graduate of the Sable College of Military magic. Likes to assess a situation and create a novel response. More likely to be found in a bar than a library.

Reynard Sinclair

Originally a native of Franca, on Magica Superior, Reynard is the adoptive son of Sir Quintan Sinclair, a senior Sable diplomat. Reynard served as a lieutenant with the Black Panthers, before joining the Sable Constabulary.

He is a noted pianist, and often plays on the Sable concert circuit.

Major Sage Praesler, RG

Royal Guard officer on the staff of the Lord Protector, Prince William. Sage is known to be an expert shapeshifter, and has occasionally acted as “body double” for the Prince.


Garner is a security and acquisitions expert. He is of average build and average looks, and is very good at blending into the crowd. He assists other agents by by making sure they have what they need.

He hails from one of the outer Commonwealth worlds.

Arthur Kingsley-Ashe

Arthur is a renowned art expert and Trump Artist, as well as a debonair man about town.

He began working for the Crown after a legal misunderstanding, but continues to do so for the companionship and life of adventure.

And the paycheck.

Eliza Whitfield

Eliza is a healing, animals and exploration specialist. She is always accompanied by a large dog named Dis (short for Dissertation).


Independent businessman who is occasionally employed as a confidential agent by the Sable Government.

Sabine Drechsler

Sabine arrived in Sable about eight years ago. She undertook initiation as a Pilot a couple of years later, and since then has been working as a courier for the Sable Government.

She is known to be associated with “Orson”.

Col. Rhys Price-Jones, DMg

Rhys is one of the foremost experts at defensive magic within His Majesty’s armed forces. In this capacity, he is one of the lead lecturers at SCMM, having been on the faculty there for some years, and has a reputation for spotting interesting new talents among his students.


Gabriel Dodd, DMg

Gabriel came to Sable to study for his Doctorate. He is primarily a Healing mage, with a speciality in Mental magic, and since graduation, he has taken up a full-time position at Sable Royal Hospital.

He is a pleasant young man, who has a knack for putting people at their ease.

Sarah Lafayette

Sarah is a member of the Lafayette trading family, a concern which is believed to have fingers in many pies and contacts across the Commonwealth.

She has also been working for the Crown for some years, and brings a combination of a strong mind and a sensitivity to Powers to the table.

Capt. Johan Weissman, RG

Johan is a young man of average height. with dirty-blonde hair (usually cropped quite short) and brown eyes. He has a broad face with pronounced cheek bones, and is of muscular build, big, strong-looking hands.

He is known to have studied with Prince Michael, and has occasionally been sent out as an agent of the Crown. He speaks English well, but with a slight Berlin accent. He married Amelia Winthrop in early SY155