Key Players in the Weimar Republik

Ernst Keller, Führer of the Weimar Republik

Born in RY 050 in the Reich Berlin Lebensborn Centre, Keller was a dedicated and promising student, becoming leader of his Lebensborn Platoon at a relatively young age. He was identified as Talented and sent for training at the SS-Schule Haus. After graduating with a Bachelors in Magic he went into active service, proving himself to be an excellent leader, who could inspire a great deal of loyalty and respect in his men. During his service he was given the opportunity to return to the Schule Haus to study for first his Masters and then his Doctorate. He is listed in the Reich records as being a combat and defensive specialist.

He rose to the rank of Obergruppenführer, and was expected to become a Knight of the SS, although that never, in the end, came to pass. He served as 2iC of the Maniran Campaign which Andreas Delatz led for the Reich, leading the Waffen-SS forces during that engagement. He supposedly died in a mortar attack on their field headquarters towards the end of the campaign.

Has been Führer of the Weimar Republik since its establishment.

Sofia Halbeck, Reichsführer-SS

Born in RY 077, Halbeck was an acknowledged daughter of the then-Head of the Waffen-SS, Joachim Peiper, and followed her father into that branch of the SS, where she served with distinction on several fronts. She was present when her father died in battle in RY 103, and was responsible for bringing his body home to the Reich. She is known to be Talented.

After Peiper’s death she transferred to the SD, and after Andreas Delatz arrived on the scene, she was appointed to his personal staff. She accompanied him to Manira, where she was reported killed in battle.

Helmut Eckart, Former Reichsprotektor of Yavor, Arcane Consultant

According to the Reich records, Eckart is the Lebensborn son of Ernst Keller, and was born at the Bremen centre in RY 093. He was known by his father, and invited to Weimar after after its Creation. From the fact that he has usually been one of the Weimar agents sent the first Reichsprotektor of any newly-conquered world, it would appear that he  is one of the more advanced initiates of the Muster. As far as the Sable SIS has determined, he has taken the place of Dirk Weber among the ruling three.

Party Chairman, Dr Hans von Karlstein

The government is run under the auspices of the Nationalsozialistische Weimar Arbeiterpartei, under the Party Chairman, Dr Hans von Karlstein, a career lawyer and politician, who seems to be a Weimar native – there are no records of anyone of his name and profession within the Reich, as far as Sable has been able to ascertain.

Military Commanders

Waffen-SS Oberstgruppenführer Lena Steiner

Head of the Weimar Waffen-SS. Born in the Reich, she was part of Andreas’s attack on Manira and they formed a good working relationship. She stayed within the Reich until about RY 135, when Andreas made her an offer she chose not to refuse.

Oberstgruppenführer-SD Fabian Auer

Head of the Weimar SD. Brought up within the Reich Lebensborn system. A loyal follower of Andreas, he disappeard from the Reich records around RY 125, and it is believed that he may have become Andreas’ agent in his guise as Master of the Machine. That would certrainly tie up with him being appointed as Head of the Weimar-SD around RY 135, when Andreas largely stepped away from his project. He is known to be a mage, and it is possible that he’s actually a Technomage.

Johannes Hirsch, Gruppenführer Commanding the Weimar Forstapo

Hirsch bears a resemblance to Johan Hartwin, who was head of the Reichs-Forstapo from RY 093-118, and finally died in RY 153, and it is possible that Johannes he may be his son, although there are no birth records for him within the Reich.

Doktor Dirk Weber, Formerly Oberstgruppenführer Commanding the Forstapo, KSS

Weber was born in RY 030 at the Bremen Lebensborn Centre. He was one of the early luminaries of the Reich Forstapo, rising to become 2iC behind Johan Hartwin, and was appointed as a Knight of the SS in December RY 117. He was one of the top choices to take over as commander of the Forstapo when Hartwin stood down in RY 118, and was somewhat displeased when the job was given to Dominik Gerlinde. From that point onwards, a falling out between them was inevitable. In the end, Weber lost the power struggle. As Head of the Reichs-SD, Andreas got wind of the problems between the two, realised that Weber could be very useful to his project.  He kindly offered to assist Gerlinde by making sure that Weber was disgraced and executed, and the latter was declared dead in Autumn RY 123. Gerlinde took his place in the KSS at Winter Solstice.

Weber was one of the driving forces behind the Weimar Republik, but in the last couple of years, his aims appear to have diverged from those of Keller and Halbeck, and captured Weimar prisoners have indicated that he has departed to pursue his own projects. He apparently has one son, Alfred, who stayed in the Republik.

It has recently been confirmed that Weber is an illegitimate son of HRH Duke Michael of Sable, although as Michael has never visited the Bremen Lebensborn Centre, the suggestion is that at some point a woman was paid to cross his path when he was younger. Weber exhibits substantial abilities as a shapeshifter, and from what has been learned about him, he makes Dominik Gerlinde look positively civilised. He also has the Talent, so that must come from his mother.