Timeline and History

The Shadow of Manira was the pre-cursor to the stronger and more extensive realm of New Oceania. For more than eighty years, it was a hotbed of conflict between Sable and the Reich, because it hosted one of the Sable Broken Patterns, code named Dark 3.

In the early days of the Kingdom of Sable, the Reich had quickly moved to secure Dark 1 and Dark 2, but Sable got to Dark 3 first. This made securing Dark 3 a priority for Rupert Delatz, given that he believed he was entitled to all three Dark Broken Patterns, as they were children of the one in Berlin, thus setting off a game of tit-for-tat that lasted until Sable decided to cut its losses in SY 084.

Even that was enough to guarantee the Reich a victory. Operations were complicated for both sides by an effect which, as far as Sable was concerned, seemed unique to BPD3: anyone staying there for any length of time would fall under its influence, give up their previous loyalties, and thereafter work for the good of Manira and its Sign. The Reich ended up in two further battles with the Maniran native forces, in 103 and 121, but after 121 they realised that Sable had had the right idea, and walked away from further attempts to conquer Manira.

The Shadow ended up off the radar, until late-153/early-154.

Timeline of the Manira Conflict and Broken Pattern Dark 3

Year Events
003 The world hosting Broken Pattern Dark 3 found by Sable, under command of Brigadier Maria Baxter.
020 Baxter succumbs to Manira’s corrupting influence, and declares independence, setting herself up as Queen of Manira. Defeats a Sable force sent to seize control back from her.
025 A Reich force under General Adal Gottleib defeats Baxter’s people in battle. Baxter executed. Gottleib installed as Reichsprotektor.
030 Manira’s corrupting influence works faster on Gottleib than it did on Baxter, given he was of a darker nature to start with. Gottleib declares independence.
031 A second Sable force is sent to try to regain control of Manira. Defeated by Gottleib and his troops
034 Sable force under William O’Connor sent to reclaim Manira and succeeds. Gottleib killed in battle. Nathaniel Murdoch installed as Governor-General.
042 Murdoch succumbs to the Broken Pattern. Builds up his forces with the intention of expanding his influence in the surrounding Shadows.
043 Murdoch’s build-up noticed by the Reich, which decides to make a pre-emptive attack. Joachim Peiper Blitzkriegs the Shadow, defeating Murdoch’s forces and executing Murdoch himself. Arno von Strohfeldt, brother to the then Herzog von München installed as Reichsprotektor.
048 Sable makes a further attempt to regain control, but is again defeated. The campaign continues for the next couple of years.
050 Sable finally succeeds in retaking Manira, with von Strohfeldt killed in the fighting (although he was beginning to succumb by then), and General Liam O’Hara becomes military governor, a civilian governor having failed to hold it before. He settles down to try to stabilise the world and seems to be making progress without being corrupted
054 The Reich fights back, and Peiper along with Tristan Heydrich, utterly destroy the Sable forces there. Oberst WM Klaus von Beck (the Kaiserin’s father) installed as Head of State.
057 Von Beck realises that something is very wrong, although he doesn’t realise why, world and asks to be transferred. Gruppenführer Gregor Konstantin, BKSS appointed in his place, along with an SS detachment.
062 Konstantin succumbs to the influence of Manira, breaks with Rupert Delatz and the Reich and settles down to rule his own Kingdom, making him the only person ever to be stripped of the title of KSS.
070 The Most Blessed Prophet Diego Gonzalo de Real first seen on Manira, preaching salvation through the Blood of the Blessed Martyr, Chartris. On this occasion, he only stayed a couple of years before moving on.
075 Diego de Real returns and gains the agreement of Gregor Konstantin to settle on the island in the sea, and study the Holy Sign.
079 The final Sable attempt to take Manira. Succeeds, although Konstantin is kept alive, in case it’s killing the previous ruler that starts the corruption. Sable installs Francis Edwards, Marquis Wickstone, as Governor, with magical agents to try to keep him on the straight and narrow. The Most Blessed Prophet appears nowhere to be seen.
081 Konstantin manages to escape, helped by Diego de Real, and starts working towards an uprising against Edwards.
083 Edwards begins to be affected by the corrupting influence of Manira – a fact noted by de Real, who watches what follows with interest.
084 Konstantin stages his uprising, but when he gets to the palace to kill Edwards, he ends up discovering an ally. Konstantin and Edwards agree to share power on Manira, with Diego de Real invited to join them as the Third Triumvir. Edwards is declared dead within the realm of Sable, and his son Joseph becomes Marquis Wickstone. Sable, realises this is a fight its never going to win, cuts its losses, abandons further attempts to control Manira and declares it off-limits.
085 Founding of the Brotherhood of the Royal Martyr by Diego de Real.
100 De Real becomes de facto ruler of Manira, although he maintains the existence of Konstantin and Edwards, by initiating them to BPD3, as they could be useful and also mean he doesn’t have to do all the work.
103 The Reich tries once more to take Manira, but are soundly defeated. De Real increases his power there and begins to build the String of Pearls security ring to defend his world.
115 Diego de Real “taken up to be with the Martyr”. His place on the Triumvirate is taken by his son, Carlos.
121 Final Reich attack, under the command of the newly-prominent Andreas Delatz. They fight to a standstill, and Andreas goes into San Carlos to parlay. When he meets De Real for the first time, there is a meeting of minds, leading to the Manira/Machine alliance. Andreas agrees to withdraw and work as allies with De Real in the future, taking responsibility for keeping Rupert from doing anything stupid on Manira. He reports the failure of the Reich attack as a tactical withdrawl to save forces in what he believed would be a major defeat.

As similar things had happened to both Sable and Reich forces in the past, his explanation was accepted by the Powers that Be in Berlin, and the Reich decided to follow Sable’s example and cut their losses.

152 Sable agents come across the Brotherhood of the Martyr for the first time. Broken Pattern D3 confirmed as the power source being used by the Brotherhood, therefore pinning their point of origin to Manira.
October 154 The Triumvirate, helped by Andreas Delatz, enact the ritual to drain the power out of the Maniran Broken Pattern, and transfer it to form the heart of a new Power out in Veil 50, thus forming New Oceania. This led to significant instability in the surrounding Shadows – far worse than that seen when Verrien was interfered with – and began trying to drain almost everything on Manira of life. The resulting Shadow storm roiled through the Veil Six security Shadows, plus the next two Veils in the region, affecting 37 Shadows to various degrees.
Late-October 154 Sable agents go back to Manira and assess the damage. They manage to get onto Martyr’s Island, and find the drained Broken Pattern. They contacted King Robert, who came to assess the damage, and decided that RFSS Delatz would be better suited to repair it, given its Dark nature.

To stabilise the area once more, a ritual to redraw the instance there was undertaken by Reichsführer Delatz, which would defintely not have been legal within Sable, involving the death of a powerful Maniran Broken Pattern initiate.

Since then, jurisdiction on Manira has been split, with Sable controlling the overall Shadow, and the Reich holding Martyr’s Island, where the newly redrawn Broken Pattern is located.