As far as Sable Agents have ascertained, the Creation of New Oceania did not go according to plan. The flawed ritual in which New Oceania came into being affected three rings of Shadow around the original relocated site of the Maniran Broken Pattern by the Brotherhood of the Martyr. The First Ring became part of New Oceania, leaving the Inner Ring, and the Outer Ring still adjusting. Instability in that area of Shadow is reducing, but is far from gone.

New Oceania

The New Oceania Shadows

New Oceania


There is the usual climatic variation across a world of this size, although this is made worse by the amount of dust which has been thrown into the atmosphere as the world compresses. It’s not quite as bad as a full nuclear winter, but temperatures are probably five degrees Celsius lower than their Earth geographical equivalents, which also isn’t helping the production of food. Most of the agriculture in the New Oceania-controlled areas of Shadow is organised through collective farming, under centralised control. The dust is slowly beginning to disperse at the “poles”, which is good for the remnants of the old Shadows, i.e. what are now Norea and Sorvea. This is less good for New Oceania itself and Estasia, which may also be a factor in their opening discussions.


Magic is nothing like as strong as the Brotherhood would have liked, but given the problems with the drawing of Oceania Design, they were unable to control and guide its formation. This has not changed in the years since it was discovered. As a result, there is more reliance on Machine-hybrid technology than even in the early days.

The Talent is not that common among the people who were created with the drawing of the Oceania Design. In contrast, the original Brotherhood group – now the Ministry of the Brotherhood – who relocated here from Manira to found Manira 2.0, have a notiecably higher degree of Talent. The hope is that once the two groups start interbreeding, the general level of Talent across the Shadow will increase, although it is still early days.

To become an initiate of the Oceania Design does boost magical ability closer to what might be expected somewhere like Sable or the Technocracy. Except for those members of the Brotherhood who had Instilled BPD3, however, there are a limited number of initiates as there are strict loyalty controls on who may be given access.


New Oceania itself, where seven Shadows compressed into one, forming a much more solid, much more real core, has now settled at roughly the size of four normal Shadows, assimilating about half the land mass of each the six worlds that were adjacent to it. Tech level, still vary, depending on which Shadow particular parts of New Oceania used to be. The land/water split remains 45/55, rather than 30/70. About 10% of the available water on New Oceania is fresh, an increase from originally, due to the arrival of the other worlds. There is a reasonable amount of agricultural land and natural resources, and now the world has settled, these are once again generally accessible.

The most stable area remains the original Manira 2.0 duel continental system of Northern Oceania and Southern Oceania, although it has reduced in size, and the continental edges have seen quite a bit of damage. Geographically, it is now roughly the size of Asia (without Europe), spread latitudinally and centrally, with Martyr’s Island actually on the Equator. The remainder of the world is made up of remnants of other Shadows which have compressed into the central one.

The naming convention for these fragments relates to their rough geographic proximity when they were all still viable Shadows.

Norea – made up of Noreasia/Norwasia (from Veil 49)

Noreasia was somewhat Imperialistic, undergoing a significant colonial expansion, industrial revolution, and inherently defended its own people and places. Norwasia was more agricultural, with developing industry and a tech level of roughly the early-nineteenth century.

The remnant, Norea, which is located towards the north of the world, now comprises a self-sufficient, semi-military regime of late-Victorian tech levels, reminiscent of Sable in its early days. It is taking exception to New Oceania trying to conquer it, and is making overtures to the Sable government for assistance, which are being considered.

Estasia – made up of Eastasia/Westasia (from Veil 50)

Eastasia was something of an oddity in the group, being rural Medieval, and was a rather involuntary breadbasket for Manira 2.0. Westasia was more modern, up at around 1970s tech.

At this point in time, it is the remnants of Westasia that have come out on top, given the better technology (which has also pulled up the level of New Oceania somewhat), and those elements of Eastasia whcih remain are suffering significant culture shock. The combined entity has ended up on the other side of the New Oceania planet sphere from the Northern and Southern continents, but appears to be finding common ground with New Oceania itself.

Sorvea – made up of Soreasia/Sorwasia (from Veil 51)

Soreasia had a late-nineteenth century culture of conquest, while Sorwasia was early-twentieth century, and comparable to the Reich, with a similar attitude to life. The combined entity is located towards the southern pole.

Like Norea, the resulting entity is a significant threat to New Oceania, as it is not going to go quietly into the night. It is resisting military efforts to bring itunder the New Oceania flag, and has made overtures to the Reich, asking for military aid.

Due to logistical problems to do with accessing the New Oceania core, the requests from both Norea and Sorvea requests are still being considered by the relevant allies.

The New Oceania Shadows

Shadow Dynamics

The Creation of New Oceania did not go according to plan, and while the rulers of New Oceania itself now seem to have got things more under control, there are still knock-on effects in the Shadows around it. The flawed ritual in which New Oceania came into being affected three rings of Shadow around the original relocated site of the Maniran Broken Pattern, which are the ones that experienced the initial problems.

New Oceania now takes up too much metaphysical “space” – about the equivalent of four normal Shadows. As a result,the universe around it has warped into a single Dyson sphere-type Shadow, completely surrounding the sphere of New Oceania itself: a process that appeared to come to completion towards the end of SY 157. Known as the Barrier, the Dyson-world incorporates elements of both the Air Shadows and the Fire Shadows, as well as the Earth ones. It has internal and external Shadow boundaries: the former with with New Oceania and the latter with the Inner Ring worlds.

Within the Barrier is the Rubble, a sphere of asteroid-like pockets of broken land, many of which are volcanically and seismically active. These comprise the bits of the Shadows which were trying to compact onto New Oceania itself, but ended up failing to unite with it. In volume, the Rubble is equivalent to roughly three worlds, although it makes up a single band. Due to the efforts of the New Oceanian leaders, it no longer has the dream-like malleability that it did in the early days. Moreover, it also acts as a kind of magical barrier, as well as a physical fortification. Trump is unaffected by it, however.

The Inner Ring (aka The Wilds)

The Inner Ring is more stable than it was when it was first discovered, when twelve worlds were reducing to six, but it is far from easily habitable, especially as the warping from the Air and Fire Shadows is also present here, albeit to a lesser extent than in the Barrier, along with the continued dream-like malleability. Shadow storms continue to roll through the six Inner Ring worlds, and it is definitely pioneer territory. New Oceania has sent out small parties of hardy souls to see what they can do to tame the land, but the results are still open to debate. It does, however, appreciate these worlds as a first line of defence (with the Rubble as the second).

A number of weird, wonderful and ultimately very hostile creatures have formed out of the mayhem: all of them shapeshifters, most of them of the chaos spiky bits variety, and all of them hostile to more normal forms of life. These creatures can survive the storms and move between the Inner Ring worlds, and occasionally find their way onto both New Oceania and out into the Outer Ring.

The mayhem and chaos in both the Inner Ring and the Barrier mean that to travel with any certainty of direction needs a Basic initiation to a Major Power, or an Advanced initiation to the Manira 1.0 or Manira 2.0 Broken Patterns (including the one rebuilt in Veil 9 by the RFSS), plus a sturdy vehicle of some kind.

A couple of pioneer settlements have been overrun by Allied forces, which discovered some kind of ritual portals, with the designs made of exotic metals, powered by Maniran Channelling magic. It is posited that these might be some kind of transport system into and out of New Oceania, but this has not been confirmed at this time.

The Outer Ring

The Outer Ring was originally made up of eighteen worlds, although these have now compressed to twelve. These were the outermost Shadows originally affected by the central ritual which formed New Oceania, but because they were further away from the centre, they began to recover more quickly. While they don’t quite match the stability of the New Worlds, they are once again considered habitable for more than just the indigenous populations which managed to survive the turmoil, although there hasn’t been much settlement as yet. Tech levels in the area have stabilised in the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries band. It is still possible to spot the joins where bits of the wrong worlds have merged into each other, but these are becoming less obvious.

The previous problem of parts of those worlds just disappearing, either gone altogether or subsumed into the world next door, is now only very occasional. They do still suffer from more malleability than a normal world, but this is more to the extent of people who are in tune with it being able to shift Shadow on Shadow, rather than things being pulled randomly out of nightmares. Most of the time, at least.

The New Worlds

These comprise the eighteen worlds which, when discovered by Sable forces, were trying to fill the Shadow gap left by the Outer Ring, but were not completely formed. Through the combined actions of King Robert of Sable, RFSS Rupert Delatz and Prime Interface Andrew de Lacy, seventeen of these have now been solidified, and their original fluid nature has been “set in stone”. Each of the three Powers was initially given control of six of these Shadows, and a security cordon has been created to attempt to contain the Shadow instabilities surrounding New Oceania.

The three defence blocs are called the Silver Shadows (Sable), the Westphalia Group (the Reich) and the Array of the Quaternary Node (Technocracy). Viceroys have been appointed by each Power to rule their respective worlds. At this time, they are Viceroy Prince Thomas de Lacy, speaking for Sable; General Conrad Berthelmes, Reichsprotektor of Westphalia; and Helena-Maria Latz, Interface of the Quaternary Node. The three Viceroys co-ordinate on a regular basis, realising that a cohesive front is needed. They meet once a month, with the location of the meeting moving between the three groups (rather like Robert and Rupert’s alternating tea parties), and alternate between business and either dinner or some other form of entertainment (concerts, theatre, etc).

The oddity, is the world of Midgard, which was originally given to the Reich and is considered to be part of the Westphalia Group. After high-level negotiations, shortly after the Allied forces moved into the New Worlds, now owes its allegiance to the Fürstentum von Valhalla, making it a Non-Reich allied world. It is under the rulership of Warleader Rudolf Lange. To underscore this further, it remains more malleable in nature than the other Westphalia Shadows, much like Valhalla itself.