The government of New Oceania is a none-too benevolent dictatorship. The original vision is believed to have been that real power was supposed to rest in the hands of the three Triumvirs, backed up by the Brotherhood of the Royal Martyr. However, the ritual did not go according to plan, which has left original Maniran Triumvirs out of the picture.

The ruler of New Oceania is Secretary General Carlos de Real, the last surviving Triumvir from Manira. Since the flawed ritual that Created New Oceania, however, he has been in a coma. His son Ezequiel is Acting Secretary General, and effective Regent. The ASG is advised by the Council of Ministers: the Ministers of the five government departments, made up of four secular ministries, the state religion, and the Party Chairman.

Due to recent events, the SIS has been able to update details of the political situation in New Oceania.

The Party

The Party is the controlling political influence in New Oceania. The Party hierarchy runs the Ministries and its members hold the majority of senior positions both within those Ministries, and in the major industrial and agricultural concerns. To become a Party member, you either need to be born into a Party family, or have to prove your loyalty to the New Oceania government in another way. Party membership is highly desirable, as without it, you cannot be considered a full Citizen of New Oceania, and without citizenship its impossible to access the higher echelons of New Oceania life.

Alberto Teodoro, Chairman of the NOWP

The Chairman of the Party is one Alberto Teodoro, who was appointed to the position by Acting Secretary General Ezequiel de Real, on the advice of Minister Syke and Minister Koen. Minister Koen apparently declined the position, preferring to serve the Party as Minister of Truth. Teodoro deals with the day-to-day running of the Party machinery and co-ordinates closely with the four Secular Ministers.

Ministerial Locations

The Ministry of Welfare, ConstantineThe four secular ministries are housed in huge, pyramidal structures. The Ministries of Peace and Love are based in San Carlos, the capital of Northern Oceania, and offer a bleak, impersonal face with a decided lack of windows. It is rumoured that there are as many floors below ground in the Ministry of Love as there are above it. The Ministries of Welfare and Truth are located in Constantine, on Southern Oceania, and the buildings have a more welcoming, airy feel and are primarily sheathed in glass. The Party HQ is also in Constantine, but is architecturally more of the imposing stone ediface model.

The Ministry of the Brotherhood is centred around Martyr’s Island.

The Secular Ministries

The Ministry of Love

Minister: Jaime de Real

The main purview of Miniluv is law and order in all its forms. This comprises three arms: the normal police force, state security and the secret police, and the much-feared Thought Police, under the command of Bieito Abreu. Miniluv is responsible for issuing ID and movement papers cards to both the Citizens of New Oceania and the Proles.

The Ministry of Peace

Minister: Raymond Syke

Minipax deals with maintaining of the New Oceania armies, which are currently involved in keeping the peace within New Oceania, suppressing threats from the worlds which are compressing into it, and fighting occasional incursions from the creatures which now rule The Wilds. It is also the Ministry with overall control of the Ministerial Protection Service, a paramilitary arm charged with the protection of important Inner Party figures, under the command of Colonel Rodrigo Sanchez.

Responsibility for any diplomatic efforts which New Oceania may wish to consider also comes under the purview of Minipax. The New Oceania Diplomatic Service, run by Under-Minister Félix Castellan, is a relatively new department, formed in response to a recent adjustment of policy by the Council of Ministers.

The regions formed by the compression of the other six Shadows onto New Oceania are considered enemies of the State. At this time, New Oceania is actively at war with Sorwasia.

The Ministry of Truth

Minister: Dino Corrado

The Ministry of Truth is most closely allied with the Ministry of Welfare, and is responsible for news, entertainment, education, the arts. By default, this means it also deals with deals with propaganda and keeping the people happy and believing in the Cause. This Ministry runs the Ocenania Children’s League (age 6-11) and the Oceania Youth League (age 11-18), although both organisations have input from the Brotherhood.

The Ministry supervises publication of the two New Oceania newspapers: the New Oceania Telegraph, which is aimed at the Party faithful; and the New Oceania Sun, published for the Proles.

It is also responsible for oversight of the New Oceania Network, which broadcasts the two-stream programming for the video screens. The NON headquarters is also in Constantine, fairly close to the Minitrue building. Its new Director is Samuel Killain, who is best known as the host of the Primetime Show, The Hunting Preserve, who was given the position after his predecessor, Monica d’Cruze, died in a car accident.

Minister Corrado has been in charge of the Ministry for as long as people can remember. He serves the will of the Secretary General efficiently, and works closely with the other ministers.

[SIS comment – neat trick that, making everyone believe it]

The Ministry of Welfare

Minister: Iago Rocha

This is the ministry that deals with economic affairs, including the day to day welfare, medical care, etc of the people of New Oceania. It keeps them fed, clothed and housed, at least to the degree it can. However, its efforts are not helped by the fact that due to the instabilities as the worlds compact, it is only about 80% self-sufficient in terms of agriculture and resources. This has led to shortages and rationing, and while no-one is dying of starvation, neither is anyone tending to the overweight.

The Ministry of Welfare also has oversight of the Bank of New Oceania, the single major financial institution on the Shadow, which is completely in State control.

SIS sources indicate that the Minister Rocha may have been replaced about six months ago by…Minister Rocha. Since then, he certainly seems more in tune with the aims of Ministers Syke. If a substitution has, indeed, taken place, it is unknown where the original may be.

The Religious Ministry

Ministry of the Brotherhood

Minister: Xabier Paulo

Closely allied with both Miniplenty and Minitrue, this is the reconstituted Brotherhood of the Royal Martyr, although on New Oceania it is just referred to as “The Brotherhood”. It is made up of the majority of those who came here from the original Manira with Carlos de Real. Its patriarch, Xabier Paulo, acts as its Minister. However, the focus has moved towards a more positive figure of Our Beloved Brother (after all, a Martyr cannot be your friend, by definition), whose image is common around Oceania as a symbol of hope for the future.

In all likelihood, OBB himself does not exist as a real person, and the commonly seen image of him has been specifically designed to look friendly, trustworthy and reliable.

Brotherhood representatives are often called the Robes, because of their clothing, and the colours of these vary, depending on the Brother’s/Sister’s status within the Church. There are four degrees of status, ranging from the humble Black Robes, which are the lowest serving of the Church, through the Dark Greys and Light Greys, to the White Robes, who are the senior church council and comprise twelve in number plus the Patriarch.

SIS sources indicate that the Minister Paulo may have been replaced about three months ago by…Minister Paulo. Since then, he certainly seems more in tune with the aims of Ministers Syke. If a substitution has, indeed, taken place, it is unknown where the original may be.