Important People: Other Realms

This section is designed to give new players an introduction to the main NPCs that they may encounter outside Sable itself.


The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth worlds in Veils One to Three are split into four quadrants. While each of the individual worlds has its own government, Sable appoints four Dukes, who are in charge of security for each of the Quadrants. At present, these are:

Calen FitzWilliam, Duke of Cadel. Duke Calen is the acknowledged son of William O’Connor, the former CiC of the Sable Forces. He has ruled for upwards of 100 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Rowena Shaw, Duchess of Shigare. Duchess Rowena inherited the position from her father, Duke Callum, about fifteen years ago. She is the youngest of the Defence Pact Rulers and the only woman.

Prince James, Acting Ruler of Lowell. Following the assassination of Duke Travis Heinmann on a visit to the world of Carrick on 21 February SY159, Field Marshal Prince James is currently acting ruler of Lowell, and supervising investigations into problems in the Quadrant.

Oswy Marne, Duke of Caulder. Duke Oswy has ruled the Duchy for about forty years, although he is beginning to consider retirement. He has been training his son, David, to succeed him before he becomes too old to enjoy stepping down from the job, and it is likely that the handover will be within the next five years. At present, however, David has been assigned to Abbeville, in the former Weimar Republik region.


Princess Regent Emily de Lacy. Emily has been the ruler of Murray, on her father’s behalf, since October SY106. She is smart, funny and very capable of turning on the charm at the drop of a hat. Since she became Regent, it has become apparent that she is one of the best wielders of the Royal Power. Emily is married to Doctor Daniel Everard, and they have two children: Princess Emily and Prince Edmund. More details about the Murray Royal Family can be found here.

Prince Thomas. Thomas is Emily’s nephew. He is both a lawyer and something of an expert in matters arcane, as well as being an artist who is good enough to exhibit. He moved to Murray after the death of his wife, Odessa, in April 159, and serves as Murray’s Attorney General.

Prince Gwillym, Divine Emissary of the Church of Enquiry. Gwillym is the youngest son of Andrew de Lacy and his late wife Queen Regan. He is the representative and voice of the Aurellian God of Enquiry on the Outside.

“CC”, Divine Emissary of the Church of Communications. It’s not entirely certain what CC is, although he does appear to be related to Prince Michael de Lacy. He is the representative and voice of the Aurellian God of Communications on the Outside.

Lady Jenaya Cross. Lady Cross is the Director of the Murray Secret Intelligence Service, based at River House. She is the Outside equivalent of General Graham and, as such, runs all intelligence-related operations in Murray  and its Shadows.

Duke Jonathan Connor FitzWilliam. Commander in Chief of the Murray Military Forces.

Deanna Woodrow. Secretaryof the Murray Pilot’s Guild. She joined the Guild fairly soon after Murray was founded, and has worked her way up through the ranks since.

Neil Mercer. Secretary of the Murray Communications Guild. Mercer is a Sable native, who joined the Communications Guild in SY145, and moved to Murray about five years later. The Guild offers courier and Trump services to order, at a very reasonable fee.

Bartholomew Mason. Chief Constable of the Rothiemay Police Force. Based in Greater Huntly, Mason is a career policeman with a reputation for fairness and justice. He studied at Murray Mage College, where he received his Master of Magic qualifications.

Ruth Brennan. Chief Coroner for Rothiemay Island. She has worked both as a police officer and on the forensics/medical examiner side, both in the Commonwealth and in Sable City. She was invited to come to Murray by Bartholomew Mason in SY150, after they met at a police conference.

Oswald Skinner. Chancellor of the University of Murray. Skinner is a Murray native and academic with a speciality in Physics and Astrophysics. He was appointed Chancellor of the University in SY 149.

Trudie Collins. Mistress of Murray Mage College. She is the granddaughter of General Aldous Collins, Duke of Fairview, and was brought up in Sable, where she attended SMC. She taught for a while at both SMC and the SCMM, with a specialisation in structural and engineering magics. She moved to Murray in SY 143.

Technocracy Prime

Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz. Since Prime Technocrat and Creator Andrew de Lacy moved to the Outside, in SY154, his daughter Helena-Maria has been the de facto ruler of the Technocracy. She was born in the Reich and attended Mage College there. She first encountered Andrew in Shadow in around SY122, and then again is less than positive circumstances in SY123. However, as time passed, she rose in his trust, and became Secondary Technocrat in SY138.

Joachim Berger, Chief of Security. Like Helena-Maria, Joachim has his origins in the Reich. Since defecting in SY079, he has become one of Andrew’s most trusted advisors: both serving with him in the fight against Reich forces and allies out in Shadow before the Creation of the Technocracy, and since then as Andrew’s Chief of Security within the Technocracy. He splits his time between Prime and Seconde.


Prime Technocrat and Creator Andrew de Lacy. Andrew is the estranged eldest son of King Robert of Sable and the former Crown Prince of Sable. He founded the Technocracy in SY123. Since April SY154 he has been living primarily on the Outside world of Seconde, although he leaves the day-to-day running of the place to the Cameron twins. He occasionally returns Inside to see how Technocracy Prime is doing, and also consults with the Sable Military from time to time. He has a cordial relationship with his sister Emily of Murray.

Tyler and Howard Cameron. Following a rather nasty lawsuit on St. James, Andrew recruited twins, natives of that world (which is relatively nearby in Shadow terms), to run the Seconde Repository on a day-to-day basis and maintain its data collection functions. He also gave them the facilities to pursue their own high-tech projects on what, to them, was a world straight out of the cyberpunk genre, complete with Urban Sprawl.

Martin Carragher, Chief of Communications. Like the Camerons, Martin was born on the Outside world of St. James, to a young woman named Alice Louise Lawford. Unlike them, however, he was brought up in first the Reich and then on the Commonwealth world of Rive. He holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Technocracy forces, although he does not consider himself to be a military man. He spends the majority of his time on Seconde.


The Greater Reich: Imperial

Kaiser Wilhelm. Ruler of the Reich since its inception, Wilhelm is the son of King Robert of Sable.

Kaiserin Elsa. Elsa von Beck married Wilhelm about forty years after he became Kaiser. She is the eldest daughter of a Fatherland high nobility family which is known to be Talented. She is very strong minded woman, and is determined to get what she wants. Her iron personality is an interesting complement to his slightly more accommodating attitude. In addition, she is very jealous and does not approve of Wilhelm’s occasional lapses into philandering. She often comes across as somewhat aloof, although if she chooses to be she can be warm and friendly. Within the Fatherland, therefore, she is admired and revered.

Crown Prince Johan. Born in RY065, Johan is a serving military officer, holding the rank of Generaloberst in the Ausland-Heer. He has proven himself in the war, and is known to be one of the best commanders in the the Reich forces. He is known to be Talented, specialising in combat and communications magic. When he is not at the front in the Reich’s various wars , he does his share of Imperial duties, although he often seems reserved on those occasions, and it sometimes seems that he is uncomfortable with that side of his life and would prefer to be in the field with his men. He is well respected by the Reich Citizenry, although his public reserve means that some people are unsure what to make of him. He is married to Hochprinzessin Juliana.

Prince Theodor. Theodor is cut from a very different cloth to his brother. While he is also in the military, his connections are to the Waffen-SS, where he holds high rank. He is a competent general, if not quite as good as his father and brother, and is well-liked by his men. He is Talented and also a skilled artist who has exhibited on occasion. The fact that he does not have the pressures of being heir on his shoulders means that Theodor is much more willing to relax in public. He has a reputation as a party animal, but if circumstances require it, he can play the dutiful Imperial Prince with aplomb, and is popular with the people. He remains unmarried and is showing no signs of wishing to settle down.

Conrad Berthelmes, Imperial Chief of Staff. Berthelmes is the paternal half-brother of Kaiser Wilhelm, and it is believed that they knew each other as children. Despite being counted among the nobility, his background is as both a soldier and a lawyer. He is Talented and served in the Ausland-Heer in the early days of the Reich. After a distinguished military career, he returned to university to study law. He was appointed to head the Berthelmes Commission into amending the Shapeshifter Laws, in October RY100. He became Imperial Chief of Staff ten years later. He is one of the few people in the Reich who maintained a good relationship with both the Kaiser and the Reichsführer-SS, often acting as a liaison between them.

The Greater Reich: Schutzstaffel

Rupert Delatz, Reichsführer-SS.  Delatz is acknowledged as the second most important individual in the Reich. He prefers to spend time dealing with his security responsibilities, although he is normally seen at the side of the Kaiser at important state occasions. He is also probably the most feared man in the Fatherland, which in itself is no mean achievement. He is known to be the younger twin of King Robert of Sable, and the two meet on a regular basis. He is married to Silvie Heusser-Delatz, and also has a close relationship with Annifrid Ragnarisan. With respect to the Aurellian end of the Inside, Rupert holds the Aspect of Protection.

Tristan Heydrich, CSSD. Heydrich has been a loyal servant of the Reich for many years. He initially served with distinction in the Ausland-Heer, attaining the rank of Generalmajor, but was invited to move across to the SS in RY071. He is Head of the Reich Security Main Office and personally runs the Sicherheitsdienst (Security Police). He holds the title of Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD.

Joachim Peiper, General Commanding the Waffen-SS.  Peiper has been the commander of the Waffen-SS since its inception in the early days of the Reich. His pre-Reich origins are uncertain, which has led to speculation that he is at least a half-brother of both Kaiser Wilhelm and Conrad Berthelmes, whose origins are equally shrouded in mystery.

Rikart Schultz, Head of the SS-Honour Guard. The Honour Guard is a group of the most highly trained troops in the SS, and the Reich as a whole, whose primary purpose is as the personal bodyguard to the RFSS. Schultz inherited the position of Head of the Honour Guard in February RY145, on the death of his predecessor, Walter Reinefarth, during an assassination attempt on the the RFSS and his wife. He is a pleasent young man with an difficult job. As well as being an excellent combat specialist, he is known to be Talented and he is also a Priest of Protection.

Dominik Gerlinde, Head of the Forstapo. Gerlinde runs the branch of the SS tasked with policing shapeshifters. He is not Talented, but he is known to be one of the best shapeshifters in the Reich. He is married to Silke von Halle, who is posted to Sanguine.

Dirk Weber, Head of the Ahnenerbe. The Ahenerbe always used to be the the least understood department of the Reichs-SS. Since Weber took command, however, tht has changed somewhat. His particular specialities and areas of interest are within the medical and eugenics fields, and he is a very experienced geneticist. Perhaps because of his bias in this direction, under his command the Ahnenerbe has prioritised medicine, genetics, eugenics, the Lebensborn System, and Race and Settlement, and moved its focus away from the more vague area of Ancient Mysteries, with the exception of its archaeological activities.

The Outer Reich

Jürgen Kessler, Reichsführer-OR. Kessler  led the 100-105 expansion campaign in Veils Four to Six, which ultimately led to the founding of the Outer Reich. As a reward for his efforts in that campaign, he was appointed Reichsprotektor of Saarland, and later becamse Reichsführer-OR, in recognition of his position as de facto political leader of the Outer Reich. Despite his title in the Outer Reich, with respect to the SS he maintains the rank of Oberstgruppenführer, and stands in seniority behind the RFSS, Joachim Peiper and Tristan Heydrich.


Reichsprotektor Matthias Kapler. Kapler is the ruler of the Reich Outside gateway of Sanguine. He is known to be Talented, and is also believed to be a ritual magician, although how accomplished is uncertain. During a distinguished career in the Waffen-SS, he gained a reputation as a hard, efficient, honourable soldier. When off duty, he is an accomplished musician, and is an especially skilled pianist. He and Regent Emily get on reasonably well.

Oberstgruppenführer Jorge von Raeder. Born into a High Nobility family, von Raeder, is Head of the Ausland-SD (Außerhalb), the Reich external intelligence service. When he was born, he was named Georg by his father, and that is still the name on his Reich Writ of Birth, but following a long history of mispronounciation, he is now usually called Jorge, even by himself. He is Talented, and holds a Doctorate in Magic. He originally served with distinction in the Waffen-SS, specialising in small unit and covert operations, before being trained as an independent operator working in a variety of geographies, but moved over to the Reichs-SS in the late SY-140s. He is also a Priest of Protection. He is married to Princess Elanor of Sable, making him Regent Emily’s son-in-law. He has co-operated with Sable on several joint operations in the past.

Divine Emissary Silke von Halle. Von Halle is believed to be the daughter of Tristan Heydrich. She was formerly a member of the Reichs-SS, serving with both the SD and the Ahnenerbe, where she developed considerable expertise in matters arcane and occult.  She represents the interests of the God of Protection on the Outside, but she still the Honorary rank of Obergruppenführer. She has been married to Forstapo Chief Dominik Gerlinde since December SY123.

New Oceania/The Machine

The de Real Family. The original first family of New Oceania was the de Real family. Its founder, Diego de Real was formerly one of the Triumvirs from the original days of the Broken Pattern world of Manira. He was instrumental in the relocation of the Maniran BP from hostile territory near Sable, to the world of New Oceania, but died in the attempt. He was married to Isabella de Real, and they had four children.

  • Ezequiel de Real, Minister of Love.
  • Louhira de Real. She is acknowledged as a skilled ritual magician, and is well versed in the comparative mythologies of a number of other religions. Since the disestablishment of the Brotherhood, she has worked closely with Secretary General Delatz in an unspecified capacity.
  • Jaime de Real, Minister of Truth.
  • Carlos de Real. Carlos left New Oceania about forty years ago. For a while he was involved with the now-defunct Weimar Republik. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Secretary General Andreas Delatz. Since SY120, the ruler of New Oceania has been Secretary General Andreas Delatz. He was single-handedly responsible for the move from a theocracy to an effective autocracy. In nature, Andreas is a cold, calculating, almost mechanically efficient individual, with a slightly accented, soft-spoken voice. He rarely shows emotion, preferring to act based on logic rather than feeling. He is married to Gabriele Schwarz.

The Master of the Darkstream. The Master bears a close resemblance to Secretary General Delatz. He runs the Data Cente, which is the heart of the Machine.


Richard Roman Enterprises

Richard Roman, Chairman and CEO.

James Gaines, COO.


The key players within Elementis are the Four Sisters, daughters of Gaia, the Aurellian Goddess of the Land.

  • Sister-Goddess Ayao is the Keeper of Air.
  • Sister-Goddess Oya, is the Keeper of the Fires.
  • Sister-Goddess Oshun, is the Keeper of the Waters, is located.
  • Sister-Goddess Ala, is the Keeper of Earth and Protector of Elementis.

The Four Sisters have not featured in the Sable Game as yet, but are included here for completeness.