Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers, which serve as a game timeline. The most recent stories are at the top. For all readers interested in our Archives, the following years have been made available.

Headlines for SY 159

The Sable Press The Reich Press
22 February Preliminary investigations into the assasination of Duke Travis and Adila Masterson indicate that the assassin was hired by agents from Jensen.
21 February Travis Heinmann, Duke of Lowell, and Senior Sable Diplomat Adila Masterson assasinated during a visit to the world of Carrick, which applied for Commonwealth Membership some time ago.
6 February Travel Advisory. The Sable Foreign Office has issued a travel advisory against use of the RRE Portal System, citing concerns with the novel technology used in the system.
5 February President York restored to power in Anghelt, following a counter-coup led by former Minister Calvin Caraher, who had lost his position on the Council due to the machinations of the coup plotters, supported by a group of serving Ministers along with the President’s closest relatives.
2 February Unprovoked New Oceania attack against Viceroy Thomas of the Silver Shadows thwarted General Berthelmes narrowly escapes an assassination attempt while visiting the Sable-held territory of New Rockwell
27 January Further information out of Anghelt suggests that President York is no longer ruling the Shadow, after what appears to have been an internal coup by anti-Sable interests within the Council of Ministers, led by Ministers Lee Sarason and Dewey Haik. Speculation is rife that their actions were sponsored by either Jensen or Garrowby.
26 January Visit by Sir Marcus Court to Anghelt called off due to security issues.
23 January Concerns raised about the Commonwealth World of Anghelt, which has unilaterally downgraded the Sable Diplomatic Mission to a Consulate, instead of a full Embassy. Sir Marcus Court to visit Chester next week, to discuss the issue with President Alexander Geoffrey York.
1 January 159 The Sable Press would like to wish all our customers a Happy New Year.