Headlines from the main Sable and Reich newspapers for the year SY 157. Later stories are at the top. For other years, click below.

Headlines for SY 157

Date The Sable Press The Reich Press
15 December 157 We have just learned that Sable and Technocracy forces have suffered heavy defeats on the Weimar Bloc worlds of Lichetenau and Todtnau. Our thoughts go out to the families of those brave Allied soldiers who were killed, wounded or captured during the battles.
27 November 157 Reports of a catastrophic volcanic event on the former Weimar-controlled world of Tijaard. Many believed dead. King Robert has agreed to try to assist in stabilising the disaster. Das Schwarze Korps: Reports are coming in that Andrew de Lacy, the butcher of Sable, has put an entire Shadow to the torch. RFSS Delatz is helping personally with the rescue efforts.
19 November 157 The decorative gate which had appeared in the Rim Park as been removed.
17 November 157 The police are becoming concerned about a number of disapperances in Sable City within the last week.
10 November 157 New decorative gate installed in the Sable Rim Park. Investigations as to who installed it are ongoing.
2 November 157 Gerhardt Schultz, who attempted to bomb Sable City, was executed this morning.
14 October 157 Former Die Welt journalist Heinrich Straße, who disappeared in Berlin in SY 152 and was thought dead, has resurfaced in Sable City, and been acknowledged as a Royal Duke.
2 September 157 Unusual effect observed on the former Weimar world of Pelagius. A waterfall of moonlight appears to be coming from the sky and flooding the Shadow.
31 August 157 Signs of significant instablility reported on the former Weimar-controlled world of Tijaard, where Sable forces had been attempting to help with the reconstruction.
24 August 157 Weimar terrorist Gerhard Schultz, former Reichsprotektor of Tijaard, apprehended in Sable City by Agents of the Crown, while attempting to place a bomb.
22 August 157 Brutal attack at the Laketon Silver and Tin Mine, near Kirkby. One dead, one seriously injured. Explosives missing.
2 August 157 Last night, in the middle of the evening rush hour, a suspect package was discovered at Sable Central Station. After a forensic examination, it was concluded that the “explosive” was plasticine, and was therefore ruled a hoax.
16 July 157 Court and Social: At the wedding blessing for Captain Alexander Gibson, RN and Major Auzella Blake, RG, at St Michael’s Cathedral today, King Robert was pleased to name them the Baron and Baroness Afon
9 July 157 Court and Social: Major Auzella Blake, RG, daughter of Martin, Duke of Richmond, marries Captain Alexander Gibson, RN in a private ceremony at the Blake Family estate in Richmond
15 June 157 Reconstruction efforts continue in various former Weimar shadows.
22 March 157 Hochprinz Johan and his wife, Juliana, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Arne
1 February 157 The Sable Foreign Ministry confirmed that it is working with eight formerly Weimar-held Shadows with respect to stabilisation and reconstruction.
2 January 157 The Sable Foreign Ministry has registered a strong protest at Reich actions on the worlds of Sarendon, Tankarat and Baledevar, and reiterated that Sable and Technocracy forces will continue to support those worlds formerly under majority or partial control of the Weimar Republik who wish to work for freedom from their oppressors.
2 January 157 The Reich Foreign Ministry has announced that it will be maintaining its squads of military advisors on the worlds of Sarendon, Tankarat and Baledevar, to further assist our allies in their restructuring efforts
1 January 157 Eva Berthelmes becomes Chair of the NSRAP, succeeding her father, Conrad