Children of Rupert Delatz

He shares his residences with Herzogin Silvie and their granddaughter, Kristina, plus Josef Engel Delatz (b.RY155).

Sigmund Conrad Wilhelm Delatz, Erbherzog von Bremen, KSS (S)

Born in July RY103, Sigmund is the oldest acknowledged child of Rupert Delatz, and is accredited as his heir by the Imperial Council. His mother, Silivie Heusser, married Herzog Delatz in May RY102.

Sigmund was born and brought up at Panenske Brezany, and was identified as Talented very young. To the surprise of many, he was permitted to study for his Bachelor of Magic at Sable Mage College from RY121-126, before returning to the Reich. He joined the Waffen-SS in RY127, rather than undertaking State Service, and spent about ten years in the field. During that time, as well as proving himself to be a competent officer, he showed a flair for the more arcane aspects of SS belief, and was invited to further his studies at the SS-Schule House in RY137. As well as studying healing magic to a high degree, he is also a defensive and natural magic specialist. From RY142, he split his time between active service with the Waffen-SS, and providing security for various Ahnenerbe expeditions undertaken by the Department of Ancient Mysteries. He became a Priest of the Church of Protection in RY152.

He holds the rank of Brigadeführer and was appointed Kommandant of the Wewelsburg in early-June RY154. He became a Knight of the Summer Circle shortly thereafter. He takes after his parents in being a gifted musician (violin, piano). He has a ward, Wolfram Bergen, who is aged 19 and also lives at the Wewelsburg.

Berthold Stefan Robrecht Delatz

Berthold is the younger son of Rupert and Silvie, and was born in September RY117. As a child, he excelled at sports, and while Talented, he was less academic than his brother. He was very involved with his local Reichsjugend chapter, however, where he became a platoon leader relatively early and proved himself to be a natural leader. With the completion of his formal education, in RY135, he undertook officer training at the SS-Junkerschule at Bad Tölz. While there, he was also given a grounding in magic to Bachelor level. After serving in the field for some time, proving that he had a particular flair for small unit operations, he returned to the SS-Schule Haus to pursue his Masters. He currently holds the rank of Standartenfuhrer.

He has taken after his father in that he is a talented artist. However, he seems to have little musical ability and at this time seems uninterested in concerts, the theatre, etc, preferring more active pursuits like riding, especially hunting, and atheletics.


Berthold has also taken after his father in other areas, and is a regular visitor to the Bremen Lebensborn Centre. He has one known daughter, Kristina, who is being brought up by her grandparents (particularly her grandmother) at Panenske Brezany.

Isabelle Katarina Delatz and Friedrich Isidor Delatz

Isabelle and Friedrich are the twin children of Rupert with Annifrid Ragnarsian, Rupert’s primary mistress, who were born in November RY138. When they were children, they lived with their mother, but were often seen at Paneneske Brezany. They are currently attending Berlin Mage College.

Josef Engel Delatz

Josef was born in January RY155. He is the son of Rupert Delatz, and lives with his father and the Herzogin at Panenske Brezany, but according to the Imperial records, his mother’s name is Sonnenblume Engel.

Other Children

It is also rumoured that Rupert has a daughter called Juliana, although more than that is unknown.

In addition, Annifrid has two sons from her first marriage to King Dieter of Leipzig: Anselm and Kristof. They aren’t frequent visitors to the Reich, but they are seen from time to time, usually at Delatz family gatherings.