Key Players

The links between the Reich and four of the original founders of the Weimar Republik are undeniable, given that they were born within the Reich itself, and apparently had their various departures and disappearances arranged at the highest levels. This adds credence to the possibility that the Republik was some kind of project by the so-called “Shadow Reich”, to maintain a society more in keeping with their beliefs than the direction in which the Reich itself has been moving, especially with respect to the treatment of shapeshifters.

Who the original instigators of the Republik were remains an unanswered question, however, although the involvement of certain individuals from New Oceania also suggests a link in that direction.

Ernst Keller, Führer of the Weimar Republik

Born in RY 050 in the Reich Berlin Lebensborn Centre, Keller was a dedicated and promising student, becoming leader of his Lebensborn Platoon at a relatively young age. He was identified as Talented and sent for training at the SS-Schule Haus. After graduating with a Bachelors in Magic he went into active service, proving himself to be an excellent leader, who could inspire a great deal of loyalty and respect in his men. During his service he was given the opportunity to return to the Schule Haus to study for first his Masters and then his Doctorate. He is listed in the Reich records as being a combat and defensive specialist.

He rose to the rank of Obergruppenführer, and was expected to become a Knight of the SS, although that never, in the end, came to pass. He supposedly died in service during a mortar attack on the Veil 6 world of Muros in RY119. Has been Führer of the Weimar Republik since its establishment.

Sofia Halbeck, Reichsführer-SS

Born in RY077, Halbeck was an acknowledged daughter of Joachim Peiper, the general commanding the Waffen-SS. She followed her father into that branch of the SS, where she served with distinction on several fronts, and was involved in a number of significant actions, including the RY100-105 expansion period within Veils 4-6, and invasion of Manira. She barely survived the events leading to the founding of New Oceania, but luckily was not part of the doomed party that launched the final attack on Martyr’s Island.

Following her close shave on Manira, she transferred to the SD, and after she had made her name, she was transferred to the personal staff of CSSD Tristan Heydrich. Andreas Delatz arrived on the scene, she was appointed to his personal staff. For some years, she acted as one of his personal agents, but was reported killed on a fact-finding mission out towards New Oceania in Veil 100 in late-RY118.

Helmut Eckart, Arcane Consultant

According to the Reich records, Eckart was the Lebensborn son of Ernst Keller, and was born at the Bremen centre in RY093. His Talent manifested young, and he attended the SS Schule Haus from RY110-115, where he also developed a strong interest in both ritual magic and Norse and Germanic mythology. He made contact with his father while he was at the Schule Haus. He joined the Ahnenerbe after graduating with his Bachelor’s, and became involved in various archaeological digs over the next few years. He supposedly died in a site accident in early-RY120, but it was later revealed that he was one of the founders of the Republik.

From the fact that he was one of the Weimar agents often sent to deal with bootstrapping worlds in line for conquest, it would appear that he was one of the more advanced initiates of the Muster.

Doktor Alfred Weber, Forstapo Genetics Consultant

Weber was born in RY066 at the Bremen Lebensborn Centre, and is recorded in the lineage as being the son of Dirk Weber. Rather than undertake State Service, he chose to join the Reichs-SS straight out of school, working first as an intern in the SS Legal Department, and later with the Orpo and then the Kripo. After about ten years, he was allowed to attend the SS Schule Haus to study magic, and graduated top of his Bachelor’s class. He then stayed on to specialise in Healing magic, with a focus on genetics and eugenics. Following completion of his Doctorate, he joined the Forstapo medical department, where he worked on shapeshifter genetics projects in co-ordination with the Ahnenerbe. He remained with the SS for another ten to twelve years, but then disappeared out of the Reich records in around RY119.

Carlos de Real, Assistant Founder of the Weimar Republik

Carlos de Real was the youngest son of Diego and Isabella de Real of New Oceania. It is believed that he became involved in the Weimar Republik after significant disagreements with Andreas Delatz on how New Oceania should move forward after the establishment of the Data Centre. It is possible that he was recruited for the project by Sofia Halbeck, as she was operating in the New Oceania area of Shadow when she was allegedly killed. Certainly, it believes he became involved at an earlier point than his New Oceania colleague, Raymond Syke. He was still known in and around Weimar right up until whatever happened on 1 February RY158.

Raymond Syke, Assistant Founder of the Weimar Republik

Like de Real, Raymond Syke hails from New Oceania. From his appearance, it is likely that he’s related to Secretary General Andreas Delatz, but entirely how is unclear. He appears to have acted at least as a consultant, and probably a full partner, in the drawing of the Weimar Power, although the first mention of him in the Weimar records was about three years later than for de Real. He appears to have broken ties with Weimar at some point during the early-RY140s, to pursue his own projects.