Der Fürstentum von Valhalla

Key Players

Hochprinzessin Traudl Lange

Hochprinzessin Traudl was the co-founder of the Knights of the SS with Rupert Delatz, and was its first Priestess. She was a gifted sorceror and ritual magician, as well as being a strong-willed and canny operator. She was the initial commander of the Ahnenerbe Forschungs und Lehrgemeinschaft, and established many of its aims and principles. In addition, she was the power behind the founding of the Lebensborn Eingetragener Verein with the aim of improving the Reich Aryan race.

She and Rupert had a close and physical relationship, and they married in the eyes of the SS in RY001, although their union was never recognised by the Imperial Council. They seperated in RY120, although they remained friends, and he officiated at her wedding to Wilhelm Beyersdorf in RY031. Her second marriage was a loving one, and when he died, she took a leave of absence from the Ahnenerbe for six months, before coming back stronger and even more determined to work towards the Reich’s Primacy over Sable.

She was killed by General John Graham and a Sable Hunting Party in May RY074, although she took two of her attackers with her.

Hers was one of the first souls to return when Valhalla was formed, and she took advantage of this to take charge of the new realm. With the return of her husband in life, Wilhelm Beyersdorf, they undertook the initial shaping of the realm and its institutions, with Andreas Berger helping and protecting them from any who might disagree with their actions.

Lord Consort Wilhelm Beyersdorf

Beyersdorf was the first Head of the Gestapo, as well as one of the founding Knights of the SS. He married Traudl Lange in RY031 and they had two children – Sophia and Victor. He was assassinated by Sable agents in September RY043. On awakening in Valhalla, he reconnected with his wife, Traudl, and they continue to make a formidable team.

More recently, Traudl and Wilhelm have been joined in Valhalla by their daughter, Sophia, and her son Rudolf, both of whom are now on the Advisory Council.

Andreas Berger, Protector

Berger was the first Head of the SS Honour Guard, and came into being with the Reich. Given his position as protector to the RFSS, he was automatically made a founder Knight of the SS. He was killed in the line of duty in RY021, saving the RFSS from a car bomb. When Valhalla was Created, his was one of the first souls to return. He pledged his Protection to the Hochprinzessin shortly thereafter.

Alexander Diethelm, Warleader

Diethelm was the first Commander of the Waffen-SS, as well as one of the founding Knights of the SS. He was also one of the first Knights to die, in RY027, preeded only by Andreas Berger.

Irma Adler, High Priestess of Frigga

In life, Irma Adler was the second Priestess of the Knights of the SS. She was also the wife and one true love of Jürgen Kessler, now Reichsführer-OR, and mother of his son Gerhard Kessler (now a famous Reich Architect) and daughter Marin Adler (the current Priestess of the Winter Circle). She was killed in RY125 by Andrew de Lacy. On her arrival in Valhalla, she and her mentor from life,  Hochprinzessin Traudl, reconnected, and Irma agreed to become the High Priestess. Jürgen Kessler has become aware of her new life in Valhalla, and has been known to visit.

Andreas Pedersen, High Priest of Odin

Pedersen was the Lebensborn son of Traudl Lange (after Beyersdorf’s death) and Joachim Peiper. He was born less than a year before his mother’s death. He trained as a Doctor of Medicine in the Reich, but turned his back on the Hippocratic Oath in favour of trying to find ways to improve the Aryan race to the detriment of all others. He was a member of the Germanenordern, and his death and Death Blessing were the major factors behind Valhalla’s establishment. He became High Priest of Odin after his transformation into a true Valhallan.

The Council of Advisors

The Council of Advisors acts as Cabinet and Government for Hochprinzessin Traudl. It comprises:

  • Lord Consort Wilhelm Beyersdorf
  • Protector Andreas Berger
  • Warleader Alexander Diethelm
  • Sophia Lange (Traudl’s and Wilhelm’s daughter)
  • Rudolf Lange (Sophia’s son)
  • Theodor Diederich
  • Ludwig Cramer
  • Karl Mann
  • Valentin Geissler
  • Wulf Friedhold
  • Kurt Stuckart
  • Erwin von Braun
  • Irma Adler, High Priestess of Frigga
  • Andreas Pedersen, High Priest of Odin
  • Lili Waldemar, High Priestess of Freya
  • Marius Ludwig, High Priest of Freyr