Sanguine: Key Players

Reichsprotektor Matthias Kapler

Matthias Kapler is Lebensborn, and joined the SS immediately after doing his State Service with the standard military. He later studied magic at the SS-Schule Haus on release from his military duties, and is registered as being a specialist in offensive and defensive magic. He is also believed to be a ritual magician, although how accomplished is uncertain.

Over the years, he has worked his way up through the ranks of the Waffen-SS and was appointed general commanding the military wing of the SS in RY138, being promoted to Oberstgruppenführer and made a Knight of the SS the same year. He has a reputation as a hard, efficient soldier, and is a highly decorated officer, who was given the Niedriger Adel title of Freiherr von Müritz by the Kaiser in RY148 for services rendered. Most recently, he received the accolade of Knight of the Iron Cross for services to the Reich. He was appointed as the first Reichsprotektor of Sanguine shortly after the Reichsführer’s wedding in March RY153, when Andreas Delatz replaced him as head of the Waffen-SS.

Kapler stands about 6’2″ tall, and his appearance very much matches the Aryan ideal. When off duty, he is an accomplished musician, and is an especially skilled pianist. He also enjoys mountaineering, hiking and skiing. He is married to Isabell, younger sister of the Fürst von Wolfsburg, which caused something of a stir at the time, as Kapler was not acknowledged as being of noble birth. Isabell was nearly disowned by her family, before intervention from the Imperial Council meant that they merely asked her not to darken their door again. Despite these problems, their relationship is strong, and they have two teenage children: a daughter, Lili, who is now attending Sanguine Mage College, and a son, Rudolf, who is still finishing his high school education but is already a talented artist.

Oberstgruppenführer-SD Jorge von Raeder, KSS (W)

Von Raeder, head of the Auslands-SD (Außerhalb), is one of the Reich High Nobility titleholders. His father was career Wehrmacht, finally retiring at the rank of Generalmajor in the Heimat-Heer, while his mother was Lebensborn. This unusual paring was authorised by the Imperial Council. When he was born, he was named Georg by his father, and that is still the name on his Reich Writ of Birth, but following a long history of mispronounciation, he is now usually called Jorge, even by himself.

Von Raeder was brought up on the family estates and despite having been discovered as Talented at school, opted to follow the family tradition and do his State Service in the military at eighteen, before undertaking any further education. He served with the Wehrmacht for five years, and then went to the Armed Forces Mage College, where he excelled and was noted for great things. He passed his Bachelors very quickly, and then chose to re-enlist in the Reich armed forces, this time breaking with family tradition to become a member of the Waffen-SS.

He studied for both his Masters and Doctorate on release from his military duties, including picking up the basics in the magical disciplines not covered in his original course, and is now one of the best defensive mages in the Reich. On active service he specialised in small unit and covert operations, before being trained as an independent operator working in a variety of geographies. He is a highly decorated officer, holding the Order of the Red Eagle from the Kaiser. He spent a while on the personal staff of the RFSS before undertaking a period of detached duty in the Empire of Eboracum. He was recalled to active duty within the Fatherland in May RY 154, and was made a Knight of the SS Winter Circle in June RY 154.

He is head of the Auslands-SD (Außerhalb) is technically a branch of the Main SD, given that the organisation is based in Sanguine, rather than the Inside, it has even greater autonomy from the main SD and the RHSA as a whole than the Innerhalb branch. Its commander is the next-highest ranked officer on the gateway world behind the Reichsprotektor.

He is married to Princess Elanor of Sable and they have three children.