Other Acknowledged Members of the Royal Family

There are also a few individuals within Sable who are acknowledged as Royal, but are not direct descendents of King Robert.

HRH Prince Michael, Aurellian God of Communications

Michael is the King’s younger brother, and was originally accorded the rank of Royal Duke. He stands around 6′. Although he is not a fully Talented mage, he is a Sensitive with an empathic ability for instinctively knowing the health of his patients . He is known to have one or two other unusual abilities, not the least healing others almost by touch. After he was helped to walk the Sable Pattern by his brother, in SY104, he was accorded the title of Prince of Sable.

In the earliest days of the Kingdom, he went to Sable University to study medicine and graduated with honours, quickly going through the training to become a fully-qualified doctor. He was one of the driving forces behind developing the Sable Royal Hospital into the foremost medical facility within the Kingdom of Sable and the Commonwealth. He has the reputation of being the best non-magical healer in the Kingdom, with specialities in trauma surgery and the maladies of shapeshifters. He is also one of the most experienced teachers of shapeshifting in the Kingdom, both to individuals and groups.

He shares his brother’s love of art, and is a superb artist in his own right. He has never lived in Sable Palace, instead preferring to live in digs while at college, and then in a house he purchased near to the Sable Royal Hospital.

He has been married twice. His first wife, Iris Ekkehardt, was a medical colleague and friend from the Reich, whose husband was executed by the Forstapo in SY075. Michael sponsored Iris and her two adult children, Philippa and Richard, when they sought asylum in Sable the following year. Michael and Iris married in SY083 and have one son, Laurence, born in January SY086. As time passed, they realised that they had married for the wrong reasons, and divorced amicably in SY102. They remain close friends, and Iris runs A&E at the Sable Royal Hospital. While Laurence lived with his mother after the divorce, Michael remained and remains involved in his son’s life.

His current wife, Sofia, is also a Talented healer. They married in Summer SY148, and have twin daughters, Louise and Veronica born in October SY152, as well as a younger son named Gabriel (Gabe), born in August SY154. Due to some time spent outside Sable, the twins are now twelve and Gabe has just turned ten.

HRH Duke Nicholas, Aurellian God of Architecture and Waysbuilding.

When Nicholas firsts came onto the scene, King Robert was very surprised to find that they were full brothers, as Nicholas is considerably younger than Prince Michael. He was brought up in Thelbane, on the Outside, and largely found his way Inside by accident. Due to the fact that his blood was used in the ritual which relocated the Maniran Broken Pattern to Veil 50, in SY105, he is believed to have a link to that Power, at least in its pre-Machine form. Like his brother Michael, he was initially accorded the rank of Royal Duke, but he chose not to walk the Sable Pattern. Instead, he essayed the Aurellian Logrus and was given the Aspect of Freewill.

He is known around the Kingdom, but spends much of his time travelling in Shadow or at the Aurellis end of the universe and on the Outside, as one of the few better than basic Waysbuilders left in either continua.

HRH Duke William of Harrington, KG

Military Advisor to the Sable Forces, Aurellian God of Storms

William O’Connor, Lord Harrington, has been in Sable for as long as anyone can remember, and was instrumental in the setting up of the Kingdom’s armed forces, as well as the Sandhurst Military Academy and the College of Military Magic. More recently, he has helped to establish the Sable High-Tech forces. When he stepped down from active command, in SY151, he was made Lord Harrington in recognition of his services to the Crown, and given lands around that city. While he has passed actual day-to-day command to William and Francis, he is still recognised as the best general Sable has ever had, and he continues to sit on the Sable Staff Council, and well as Chairing the Aurellian Joint Chiefs of Staff.

O’Connor is around 6’0″ tall, and fairly well built. He has been acknowledged as the King’s cousin, and he does bear some resemblance to Princes William and James. He is treated with the respect due to one of the Royal Family, and was one of the earliest members of the Order of the Garter. He was previously married, to Angela, and they had one son – Calen FitzWilliam – giving him family links to the Commonwealth Defence Shadow of Cadel. However, Angela has not been seen for some years now, and it’s possible that she has passed away, although no official announcement has been made.

Nowadays, he spends his time visiting military installations around the Kingdom, the Commonwealth and those under control of the external forces, as well as forces belonging to Sable’s allies in Aurellis. He occasionally lectures in combat magic at SMC and SCMM when he’s in Sable City. He has a house up on Park Rim Drive, overlooking Hyde Park, and an estate out near Harrington.

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