The Royal Grandchildren

Children of Prince Andrew and Queen Regan

Field Marshal Crown Prince Francis, KG

While Francis’s features do carry the unmistakable stamp of the Royal House, his colouring is somewhat different: and to those that remember Queen Regan, he takes after her, rather than his father. He stands around 5’11” and has the build of a soldier. He is younger than Marion, Elaine and the now-disgraced Sarra, but due to being Andrew’s eldest son in good standing in Sable, and with Dominic no longer in the succession, he is now first in line to the Throne.

He is stronger than some of his siblings, but relies on speed and cunning rather than brute force to get him through most situations. He is also a graduate of SMC, although before he rose to his current position, he preferred the military life to a magical one.

He had a tough time as a child, in that his siblings fell into natural groups (twins, triplets), whereas he did not, which meant that he often had to stand up for himself against his kin. This led to him being somewhat introspective, until his skill at arms was noticed by Field Marshal O’Connor, who made sure that it was developed and later discovered his natural abilities as a tactician and strategist. He is a dedicated and skilled leader, and has the unswerving loyalty of his officer corps. Even now that he is unable to go into the field in Shadow as much as he would like, only O’Connor, the Lord Protector and his cousin James are capable of besting him within the Kingdom. As it was generally believed that he would be wasted in an entirely civilian role, given his military prowess, he is currently the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Sable.

Privately he is quiet and an avid reader, especially of military history, where he is a recognised expert. He also runs and fences, the latter with considerable skill, and plays chess and go when he can find a suitable opponent. He is married to Alexandra, daughter of James Blake and a former Colonel in the Royal Engineers, and they have two sons, David and Michael, and a daughter, Sylvia. He was made KG on the same occasion as his younger sister Cerian.

Princess Marion

Despite her youthful appearance, Marion is the eldest child of Andrew and Regan still known to be in Sable, although she is below her brothers in the succession. She has dark hair and green eyes, and is the middle child of a set of female triplets, the oldest being Sarra. Marion is a quite and reflective person, and is a very skilled magical healer. She is a gentle soul, her chief joy in life coming from healing others. She rarely raises her voice or gets into an argument, preferring to walk away and come back another day than fight. She’s known to be very studious, and worked hard at SMC where she specialised in medicine, notably the healing of the mind, and is a consultant mind mage at the Sable Royal Hospital, as well as often working on particularly difficult cases with Queen Claire.

When out of the public eye, she writes fiction and composes poetry, and enjoys playing the violin. She is married to Doctor Malcolm Carlisle, the Sable Palace staff physician, and they have two children: Melanie and Richard.

Princess Elaine

Unlike many of the family, Elaine’s Talent – her ability to be a magician – is quite weak and she struggled at SMC, although she did eventually achieve a bachelor’s degree. However, as a consequence, she is something of a loner, only having so much in common with her highly magical family, and spends a lot of her time travelling around the kingdom, sailing on the lake, or walking in the mountains nearby.

Some years ago she stated her intention to visit the worlds outside of Sable and the Commonwealth, and dropped out of sight for some time. When she returned to Sable she looked older and perhaps a little wiser, and picked up where she left off with her travels around the kingdom itself, renewing old acquaintances along the way. She is also sometimes seen around the city, and has a lot of friends there. She is quite down to earth and sensible, possibly because of that, and while she doesn’t have any official role, she has a reputation for being able to talk to the right people if something is needed as she has made a lot of contacts during her travels.

She has one son, Troy, who was born in the years she was away. Initially, he was an infrequent visitor to Sable, although he was known to the family and acknowledged as legitimate by the King. In recent years, however, he has become more prominent. Unlike his mother, his Talent was sufficient to allow him to study magic to Doctorate level, specialising in transport and structural magics. Coupled with a flair for organisation and logistics, this means that he is often called upon to co-ordinate major Sable civilian projects and operations in Shadow.

Prince Adam, Master at Arms

The eldest of a set of male triplets. He stands around 6’0″, and is pretty solidly built. Despite being Talented, Adam has never shown any desire to train as a mage. Instead, he has become the athlete of the family and enjoys any number of individual and team sports. He’s also an adrenaline-junkie, and will do things simply for the thrill of it, rather to the concern of his grandfather. His chief joy in life is seeing how far he can push himself.

For a long while, he didn’t have an official position in the scheme of things, but he became well known and well liked in Sable City itself, and throughout the Commonwealth, sometimes acting as a roving goodwill ambassador. However, when Crown Prince Dominic began to absent himself, and resigned as Sable’s Master at Arms, Adam agreed to step into that position and has since proved his skill as a teacher of arms.

He is charismatic and easygoing, at ease in a group or by himself. He’s also very self-reliant and, outside of the family, enjoys spending much of his spare time with his friends in Sable City. He has been known to have long-term girlfriends, and every time the press wonders if this is the one who’ll tame Prince Adam, but he has never settled down. However, rather to his shock and surprise, he has recently discovered that he now is a grandfather, and this is taking some getting used to: a former girlfriend whom he thought had merely left, had actually been spirited away to have a child in Shadow, unbeknownst to Adam, and while both mother and child are now dead, before his death the son, Leo, in turn fathered a baby boy, Owen. Adam has now taken responsibility for the child and is seeing to it that he’s brought up in Sable Palace.

Prince Thomas

Thomas is the middle one of Andrew and Regan’s male triplets, although he is slightly shorter than Adam and is more lightly built. He followed his father into the practice of law after graduating from SMC and gained a strong reputation as a trial lawyer. Since the death of his wife, Odessa, in SY159, he has lived mainly on the Outside, where is is the Attorney General of Murray. For more details about Thomas, click here.

Children of Prince Thomas

For some years before his marriage he had a a reputation as a womaniser, and has at least two children out of wedlock.

  • Jack Durrant, born way back in SY045, has been legitimised under Sable Royal House law, and currently serving in the Sable Embassy in Berlin.
  • Sebastian, who was born on 7th December SY152 but, having spent some time in fast time, has just gone up to Sable Mage College. He shows all the signs of having his father’s charm and way with women.

Prince Christopher, Marshal of the RAF, Sable Royal Air Force

Youngest of the male triplets, although as with other members of the family, apparent ages vary. He made a conscious decision not to go to SMC, although he is known to be Talented. Instead, he did a history/geography degree at the Sable Military Academy, showing natural aptitude for both the academic and military sides of life. In addition, he has taken lessons from his grandparents in some unspecified arcane disciplines.

He graduated top of his class, both militarily and otherwise, and asked to be posted to the Sable Guard, where he discovered very quickly that life appealed to him. He made a lot of friends quite rapidly, and also caught the eye of the then commander, Colonel Stephen Galbraith. When Galbraith was invalided out after an accident, and Christopher took his place on Galbraith’s recommendation. Most recently, however, he has taken up the position of General (RAF) in the Sable External Forces, given that his experience with the Guard has proven his flair for air combat, an area of the military where many of his family are lacking in experience. He has also been taking formal mechanised flying lessons.

He is married to Irina Karyan, a woman from beyond the Commonwealth, and they have a daughter named Liselle, who is in her mid-50s and a much younger son called Stephen, who has recently completed his bachelors at SMC and is considering what to do next. He rides a 50ft blue and gold dragon named Cathair.

Prince Gwillym

Elder of a pair of twins, born more than twenty-five years after Adam, Thomas and Christopher, shortly before Andrew and Regan disappeared. He was appointed as Divine Emissary of Enquiry in SY106. More details about Prince Gwillym can be found here.

Princess Cerian

Cerian is the youngest of Andrew’s children with Queen Regan, and is Gwillym’s younger twin. She is fairly small, about 5’2″ but despite that (or perhaps because of it) she is a very confident and outgoing young woman. Her first love was always art, at which she was something of a savant from a very young age: sufficently so that her great uncle Michael took her under his wing as a protégé. She wanted to go to art school, but being Talented, her parents preferred for her to go to SMC. In the end, she split her time between the two, and therefore ended up taking seven years, rather than five, to complete her Bachelor’s. She has since returned to SMC to continue her studies.

After she first graduated from SMC, she stayed in Sable for a while before setting out to travel beyond the Commonwealth, looking for fellow artists of note. It has been suggested that some of her travels were at the request of General Graham, with whom she has formed as somewhat unlikely friendship, based on one or two mutual interests, including a fascination with pre-Christian Celtic mythology and symbolism. It is also believe that she was one of the earliest people to reconnect with her father in the years between his disappearance in SY069 and the Creation of the Technocracy in SY120.

Over the years, she has had several exhibitions of her work displayed in Sable City and elsewhere, as well as sponsoring other exhibitions of particularly talented artists whom she has met on her travels. She is Chancellor of the Lacey School of Art in Avonbridge, although she isn’t at the campus on a full-time basis, due to her commitments elsewhere.

She is always accompanied by a large German Shepherd: the original was given to her by her father a long time ago, but whether her current canine companion is the same animal is open to conjecture, given the amount of time that has passed.

No Longer in Sable Under Bill of Attainder


Born the eldest of Andrew and Regan’s children, Chartris broke away from the family after graduating from Sable Mage College, and was eventually disowned by both his father and later the King. Indeed, he may have been responsible for whatever misfortune befell his parents. For a long time, there was a price on his head for treason against Sable, but he was officially declared dead in June SY103.

From historical record, it seems that he resembled his mother more than his father, and of his various siblings, he was said to look most like his brother Francis.

Princess Sarra

The eldest of three triplets (with Marion and Elaine), those who still remember her say that she was somewhat loud and impetuous. Like many of the Royals, she was born Talented, and initially studied at Sable Mage College. However, she became involved in some potentially dangerous high-jinks during one of the public mage tests, and ended up being asked to leave the College in disgrace, with her Talent blocked for the public safety – the only Royal to have ever received this dubious honour.

A short while later, she also disappeared, and it has been suggested that for the last several years she has been working for Herzog Delatz in the Reich, although whether voluntarily or otherwise is unknown. However, the Crown has expressed an interest in information regarding her whereabouts. In appearance, she was about 5’6″ in height, of medium build, and bore a strong resemblance to her sisters.

Other Children of Prince Andrew

Dominic de Lacy-Ellis, KG

Dominic is the eldest child of Prince Andrew. The circumstances of his birth have never been made clear, although it is known that he was fostered in Sable City, with Simon Ellis, then-Principal of SMC, and his wife, rather than being brought up within the Palace. It is presumed that his legitimacy was in question, and hence he was brought up outside the family. For a long time, relations between himself and his father were strained, which was believed to be part and parcel of why he was fostered out. Around the time that Andrew and Regan disappeared, Dominic was declared legitimate in the eyes of Sable’s courts, and was accorded the title of Crown Prince of Sable from SY070

Dominic was always a serious young man, although when he was in a good mood he could be very good company. He was also extremely protective of his younger siblings. Along with his duties of Crown Prince, for some years he also acted as Master at Arms to Sable’s forces, a job he did with considerable flair. In October SY106, he abdicated all titles for reasons unspecified and departed the realm, to return to his wife’s homeland of Thelbane. He and his family have not been in Sable for a long time.


Kristin was Dominic’s girlfriend for many years, before they married in SY085. She was born in the Outside Kingdom of Thelbane, and grew up as a member of House Helgram. She first arrived in Sable in around SY023, although both she and Dominic were in and out until after the death of Prince Andrew’s wife Regan in SY069. She was credited as a Doctor of Magic, and was known to have some expertise in shapeshifting. At the time they left Sable, they had four children: the twins, Aidan and Callum , and two younger children, Isabella and Ethan.

Alexander Carruthers

Alexander is very much an unknown entity, having been brought up outside of Sable. His mother is believed to be Jennifer Carruthers, the Guildmistress of the Sable Pilots’ Guild. After years of uncertainty, it has recently been clarified that he and his brother, Richard, are younger than Andrew’s children with Queen Regan, and are the product of an affair between Andrew and Jennifer after the death of Andrew’s wife Regan, but before his disapperance. Alexander is a very infrequent visitor to Sable, as he is rumoured to be on a long-term undercover mission for the Maze.

Richard Lacey, Sable Ambassador to the Court of St. James

Richard is Alexander’s younger twin, although due to the vagaries of cross-Shadow timeflow he now appears to be older. Like Dominic, he was brought up in Sable City, rather than in the palace, and is known to be Talented. He formerly held the rank of Lt Colonel in the Sable Army, preferring to stay within the operational ranks of the Army, rather than joining the lofty command positions of his siblings. While in the service, he could be somewhat foolhardy and adventurous, and was often sent on missions out of Sable for the King and others. He is a Knight of the Order of Merit for actions in the field, and is now recorded as “Honourably Discharged”.

Of his various brothers and sisters, he is closest to Prince Adam, who acted as best man at his wedding; and to his older brother Dominic, with whom he has a great deal in common. Richard and his wife, Caitlin, have three children – the twins Nicholas and Roselyn, and a son named Ian. He now lives primarily on the Outside, on permanent assignment for His Majesty to the Court of St. James, although he does occasionally visit Sable. He is known to enjoy life and when around can be the life and soul of the party.

He has two other children, who were apparently born and brought up in the Reich:  Patrick Lenzen, who is now considered legitimate under Sable Royal House law; and Markus Lenzen, about whom even less is known, and who has not been legitimised, as yet. Both are older than his children with Princess Caitlin.

Children of Prince William

Field Marshal Prince James

Prince James, the older child of Prince William, is King Robert’s eldest grandchild and is one of the few who was not brought up in Sable. As one of the three most important members of the Sable military, he is a familiar face in Kingdom. He maintains a warm relationship with his father, grandparents and the rest of the family.

He takes after his father in both appearance and abilities, although his temperament is somewhat calmer, more like his mother’s. He enjoys academic work, and is also a born administrator, which has proven very handy in his duties. He is both Talented, and one of the senior generals in Sable’s wars. Most especially, however, he has more control of the Royal Powers than any other member of the family save the King, which makes him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and elsewhere.

He married to Dr Rosalyn Shannon, a Talented Sable noblewoman and paediatric physician, in June SY142. While she is somewhat younger than he is, despite his youthful appearance, it appears to have been love at first sight. They have two children: a daughter named Rylee (aged 14) and a son called Cade (aged 10).

Princess Evelyn

Evelyn was an unexpected addition to the family of Prince William and Princess Sarah, when she was born in January SY102. A charming, bright child, she was identified as Talented very young, and went up to SMC when she was just seventeen. William was reportedly delighted when she chose to go to Sandhurst, after graduating with her BMg, although it is rumoured that Sarah was less pleased.

She excelled as a cadet, and has been moving up the ranks of the Sable Army ever since. Indeed, of all the female members of the Royal Family, with the possible exception of her aunt Emily, she seems to show the most flair for matters military. She attended the Sable College of Military Magic for her Masters and Doctorate qualification, and has proven herself to be a gifted commander, specialising in small unit, mobile actions. In that capacity, she has been a member of the Black Panthers for several years.

She is also known to be an artist of some skill.

Children of Princess Emily

Emily has a son and daughter, Elanor and Edmund, who were born on Murray, although they have both been regular visitors to Sable. More details about them can be found here.

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