Children of Conrad Berthelmes

Conrad has been married three times, once before the Reich was established, and twice since. His first marriage ended in divorce, but the three sons from that marriage – Jackson, Jonathan and Joshua – have been Registered with the Imperial Council. His second wife, Krista Irmtraud, was killed in a raid on Anklam, before it was formerly brought in to the Aussenhandel der Reichsverband. They had one daughter, Eva, who has recently been appointed as Chair of the NSRAP Krista. His third wife is Gabriele von Freiburg, a former fighter pilot and heroine of the Reich, who he married about twenty years ago, and they still appear very much in love. They have one teenage son, Xavier, two daughters and a much-younger son.

In addition, he has been known to visit the Berlin Lebensborn Centre on occasion.

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Children with Ashley Warren

Erbherzog Jackson

Jackson is Conrad’s son by his first marriage, and was born on St. James, before the Reich was established and the barriers came down around the Inside. However, when Conrad was invited to join RFSS Delatz, Jackson remained on St. James, to be brought up by an adoptive family. He was unaware of his ancestry until about a decade ago, Reich time. Once they had reconnected, Conrad brought him before the Imperial Council, and his birthright as his father’s eldest son was confirmed on 11 July 154. He is only an occasional visitor to the Reich, preferring to spend his time on the Ouside, where he is Guardian of the world of Liberty.

Jonathan “Jack” Deacon

Very little is known about Jack Deacon, save that he is an Outside contractor. Nevertheless, the Imperial Council did accept his father’s application for Jack to be recorded in the Berthelmes family records

Joshua “Josh” Conrad, Head of the SS-Schulehaus

Josh looks to be in his early-forties. He stands around 5’11”, and is of medium build, weighing in somewhere around 155lb. From his bearing and general stance, it’s obvious he’s been in the military at some point, and he has the build of a pretty serious athlete. He has a pleasant, open, lived-in face, with distinctive light blue eyes and sandy-blond hair which is cut reasonably short, but goes a bit wild at the top. He is prone to five-o’clock Shadow.

When on official business, he appears to favour well-cut suits, with dress shirts but not necessarily ties. He will always wear an SS honorary rank pin in his jacket lapel, even though he’s technically on active duty. When in more informal circumstances he seems to prefer long or short sleeved shirts, often of denim and cotton, and comfortable trousers, although these are almost always neatly pressed. Most of the time, he doesn’t carry either a firearm or long blade, but he does always wear a dagger in a scabbard at the small of his back.

His engagement to Princess Astrid (his second cousin) was announced in April RY 158.

Children with Gabriele





Other Children

Rikart Schultz, KSS, Aurellian God of Protection

Joscelin Kennard-Berthelmes, Aurellian God of Channelling