Key Players

Prime Technocrat Andrew de Lacy

Andrew is the eldest son of King Robert of Sable, from His Majesty’s first marriage, long before the establishment of Sable. In the early days of the Kingdom, he was well-known around Sable City, and taught at both the SMC and SCMM, as well as serving as Sable’s Attorney General. All of that changed in SY069 with the death of his wife, Regan, and the outlawing of their eldest son, Chartris.

In the years that followed, very little was heard of Andrew, except for occasional rumours about a “General Vindex”, who was using the Waffen-SS’s own tactics against them in battles in deep Shadow with Reich forces and their allies. It was only after SY099 that it was confirmed that Andrew and Vindex were one and the same person. Between then and the founding of the Technocracy in SY120, Andrew was occasionally seen in Sable City, at family gatherings or at Sable Staff Council meetings. Since SY120, these apperances have been even rarer.

It is known that in the SY130s, he worked with William O’Connor and William de Lacy to help set up the Sable High-Tech forces, which were established to counter the threats from first the Machine and later the Weimar Republik, and he does still occasionally consult for the Sable Staff Council. Since SY154, however, he has lived Outside on a largely-permanent basis, where he is heavily involved in the fight against the External Machine.

Secondary Technocrat Helena-Maria Latz

Helena-Maria was born in the Reich in October SY075, and was brought up in the Lebensborn System. She is Talented, and attended Berlin Mage College, where she showed a flair for Mech-Tech magic, before attending SS officer training at Bad Tölz. After that, she worked for some time on various of RFSS Delatz’s blue sky projects, and was involved in the research into energy storage that was undertaken at Rostock.

When that project was raided and destroyed by Andrew de Lacy in late-November SY123,  Helena-Maria was taken prisoner for the purposes of interrogation. While she was in custody, Andrew realised that she was his daughter, and set about trying to bring her over to his side, rather than the RFSS’s. It was a slow process, but it eventually bore fruit. She proved her loyalty to him over the next ten years or so, working with him to improve and streamline both the Technocracy systems, and the general technology on Prime.

She walked the Nexus to become the Secondary Technocrat in SY138. She remained in that capacity until Andrew began an enforced leave of absence in April SY153. At that point, she stepped up to lead the Technocracy on a day-to-day basis. Obviously, Andrew felt she was doing a good job, as when he returned the following year, he left Prime in her capable hands, and has moved outside to Seconde, the external iteration of the Nexus, on a largely permanent basis.

She is married to Robyn Jung, a Technocracy native.

Sysdaemon Lucy

Lucy is the controlling intelligence within the Nexus. She is the “child” of Andrew and Rallissa, the Aurellian Goddess of the Years. Rallissa knew that in the pre-Lighthouse Timeline, part of the reason why the Technocracy fell prey to the macinations of the Master of the Machine was that there wasn’t any form of Controlling Consciousness within the Nexus to protect and defend it. This time around, she wanted to make sure that things were different.

Andrew and Rallissa made sure that Lucy was “conceived” with the Creation of the Nexus Power. She came into being on the Winter Solstice, SY120, since when she has guided and guardedthe Nexus and its Datastream from attacks and hackers. She does occasionally manifest in human form (or perhaps holographic form – it isn’t entirely clear), but she spends the majority of her time within the System.

Lucy worked with Michael de Lacy to establish the data and communications links between Prime on the Inside and Seconde on the Outside.

Martin Carragher, Chief of Communications

Martin was born on the Outside world of St. James, to a young woman named Alice Louise Lawford. He was given given up for adoption, but unfortunately the adoption was organised by Delwin of Amber, who had an interest in Alice’s family. He initially placed Martin with a family in the Reich, in around SY065. His adoptive parents loved him deeply, but when was barely two years old it was discovered that he was an inherent shapeshifter (this still being a bad thing at that point in time). They chose to give him up for his own safety, and arranged for his escape from the Reich via the Underground Railroad, by which means he made it to Sable.

Once again in need of a home, one was arranged for him with the Carragher family on the Commonwealth world of Rive, in Veil One. As he grew up, Martin showed great promise at painting and drawing, and thrived in the artistic atmosphere of that world. By the age of eighteen, he had put on his first exhibition, albeit a fairly small affair at his Grammar School. He made a much larger splash once he went to  the Rive College of the Arts.

His artistic talents came to the attention of Cerian de Lacy when she visited Rive on one of her occasional trips scouting for bright young artists. She was sufficiently impressed with his skill that she offered to teach him about Trumps. He was happy to learn. Some years later, she introduced him to her father, Andrew, who was looking for a Trump Artist for his staff.

He holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Technocracy forces, although he does not consider himself to be a military man. He spends the majority of his time on Seconde.

Joachim Berger, Chief of Security

Like Helena-Maria, Joachim has his origins in the Reich. Born in SY044, he was brought up within the Lebensborn System. He attended Berlin Mage College from RY062-067 and then joined the SS. He was initially something of a protégé to Rupert Delatz, but by SY079 he had become seriously disillusioned by the Reich system in general and the SS in particular. That year, circumstances conspired such that he found himself in a position to do a great service for Andrew de Lacy. Since then, he has become one of Andrew’s most trusted advisors: both serving with him in the fight against Reich forces and allies out in Shadow before the Creation of the Technocracy (the Vindex years), and since then as Andrew’s Chief of Security within the Technocracy.

He splits his time between Prime and Seconde.

Joachim and Martin have been two of Andrew’s closest allies for many years. Both were present at the Creation of the Nexus, and were the first initiates of the Nexus Power aside from Andrew himself.

Mark Madison, Guildmaster of Techocracy Prime

Madison originally comes from Aurellis, and was assigned to Prime by the Divine Alastyr once it was agreed that the world should be given access to the ATS. Since then, Madison has embraced the Technocracy life, and has taken citizenship on Prime.

Field Marshall Miles Fisher – Overall Commander of the Technocracy Forces

General Tyla Moloney – Second in Command of the Technocracy Forces

Brigadier Haydn McElair – Third in Command of the Technocracy Forces